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How to Ignore the Noise, With Isabelle Kenyon of Calibrate 

A whopping 75 percent of American adults are overweight or obese -- and that number is only growing. Enter Calibrate, the modern, medical metabolic health business that is changing the way the world treats weight. Isabelle Kenyon founded Calibrate when her mom came to her for advice. Kenyon realized that the science around weight loss was clear, but the industry was lacking a consumer-first approach. Since launching the company in 2020, she has raised over $27 million in funding and seen usage grow at a rate of 54 percent month-over-month. Isabelle shares why she's striving to change the conversation around weight loss, how she enlisted a best-in-class group of industry experts to help along her startup journey, and what the shift toward consumers paying for their health care means across the industry.