Personal finance is, by definition, personal. But for far too long, many financial brands have felt inaccessible and stodgy. That's exactly what we don't want to be. We're living in an explosive financial moment in which the fiscal ciff, the Great Recession, and Occupy Wall Street are firmly planted in our vocabulary. Dealing with money can seem difficult and even intimidating. When our users turn to us for financial advice, they want to be listened to and cared about--to be assured that we get it. 

Social media conveys our seriousness about helping users...

One great way for us to do this is through social media. One of our goals is to turn every social-media platform we use into another avenue for users to reach out to us for help, advice, and even a little fun.

Like any responsible tech start-up, we are active on Facebook and Twitter, as well as Instagram and Pinterest. Regardless of whether you think Pinterest has peaked, it can be an impressive driver of traffic back to your site.

We put a lot of care and consideration into maintaining our social-media profiles. Social media is a direct reflection of the company, so getting it right is critical. There's a real person behind every post, and sometimes that person is me!

We start each day by asking our followers questions about their money usage as well as their thoughts and opinions about important financial topics. We then use this feedback to improve our products, from the content we produce to our budget-tracking Money Center.

...and slips in a little insight into our lighter side

Social media allows us to be human and to show users that we're also real people, working away in our bright-green Manhattan office.

At the same time that we're tweeting our product announcements, we do our best to create a sense of fun. When employees bring their dogs to the office or our lead mobile developer performs an impromptu rendition of “Piano Man” at the office holiday party, we share it with our followers.

We want to convey to our users that we're all in this together. Our mission is to help people across the country stop worrying about money and live their richest lives. We use technology--and social media--in myriad ways to allow us to build relationships and bring our mission to life.