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How to Pace Yourself with Francois Kress of Feelmore Labs

At this very moment, you might be wearing a device to track your heart rate, your steps, or how well you slept. But what if you wear a device that impacted how you felt? That's the vision behind Feelmore Labs, and their debut product, Cove--a scientifically proven new wearable device that improves sleep and cancels stress. Feelmore's co-founder, Francois Kress, comes from the world of luxury fashion, but he brings a lifelong passion for science. Cove is already showing great results, with 90 percent of people who used Cove for 30 days experiencing 41 percent less stress. Francois shares why the future of self-care is active (not passive) wearables, what he learned from opening a Louis Vuitton store on the island of Saipan, and why he still starts every day with a well-organized to-do list.