Welcome to the ninth episode of Inc.'s weekly Founders Project With Alexa von Tobel podcast. This new series brings you the stories of the entrepreneurs building the future. Listen to the tales of guts, inspiration, and drive behind the people and companies at the forefront of technology. Each weekly conversation digs into a founder's professional playbook--and starts to uncover what makes that person tick.

This week's episode:

How to Achieve Product-Market Fit, with Shan-Lyn Ma of Zola

Shan-Lyn Ma is transforming the wedding business. After graduating from Stanford Business School and joining Gilt as its first product person, Shan launched Zola in 2013--and has already helped over half a million couples. Shan shares why product is so important to every business, how to get smart (and actionable) consumer feedback, and the real story behind Zola's creative name.

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