This Thanksgiving, I hope you'll toast family and friends and give thanks for all the good things that occurred this year.

But when you return to work, think about the things that may seem like obstacles, but that actually make you a stronger, smarter and more awesome professional.

For example, I'm thankful for:

  1. The competition. Sure, it would make life incredibly easy if nobody did what we do. But since that's just a tryptophan-induced dream, I'd like to thank our competitors for kicking us out of bed in the morning by: pushing us to do even better next time. And for trying to steal our clients away from us. That ensures we never grow complacent.
  2. Limited resources. My bank is only interested in lending money when we're doing so well financially that we don't need funding. And there are never enough hours in the day to conquer even half of the to-do list. But limited resources sharpen the mind, causing us to set priorities nearly every day. So we're forced to focus on the most important things--and let other stuff go.
  3. Big, gnarly, seemingly impossible challenges. As my husband says, if it were easy, clients would do it themselves. So I love it when someone calls me with an enormous problem that seems to have no conceivable solution. Or when the challenge would be a piece of cake if we had three weeks, but we only have three days (or hours!). We don't always hit the solution out of the park, but we always do our best.
  4. Small wins. Thank goodness, not every elevation is Mt. Everest. We need little hills to climb, too--and the opportunity to lift our feet off the pedals and coast down the other side. Otherwise, work would be too burdensome. This morning I wrote a three-paragraph invitation for a client. It felt so good to check that small task off the list.
  5. Quirky colleagues. Imagine how boring work would be if everyone were just like you. (Some companies hire that way, which is very scary.) I give thanks for my coworkers' peculiarities. Their unusual perspectives. Even their silly jokes. All our eccentricities make every day more interesting. And it's great to know that by combining our strange brains, we can work together to come up with ideas that none of us could ever conceive separately.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Published on: Nov 23, 2015
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