Spring is in full swing, but you may still be suffering from the chilly challenge of getting your customers, employees or other audiences to pay attention to your communication.

Luckily, help is close at hand. Those foodie folks who create recipes also serve up inspiration about how to make any topic appetizing. I didn't have to look any further than my email inbox to discover 5 ingredients for cutting through the clutter:

1. Easy. Ain't nobody got time to fuss over meals. So Better Homes & Gardens brings us A Healthy High-Five for Dinner. Here's the premise: "Who says every recipe for dinner needs to be long and time-consuming? We don't, which is why we've created these fantastically delicious, 5-ingredient recipes."

You can do it, too: Offer to make your audience members' life easier.

2. Timely. If you celebrated Easter yesterday, you probably have a mess of ham in the refrigerator. Recipe.com has a solution for you: Delicious Ways to Use Leftover Ham.

Here's the tip: Tie your message to what your audience is thinking about (and doing) today.

3. Appealing. While it's true that recipe makers have an advantage--what's more appetizing than food?--the trick is to give even greens the "yum" factor, as with F&W's Light and bright beet salad.

Put it to work for you: Focus on concepts that draw people in and appeal to their senses.

4. Surprising. Say "slow cooker" and what do most people think of? Stews and roasts and other hearty winter fare. That's why Better Homes & Gardens caught my attention with Slow Cooker Spring Dinners (So Much More Than Soup). The idea is to subvert the assumption: "With spring weather just around the corner, you don't want to spend your time slaving over a stove. Use a slow cooker instead! We've compiled some of our favorite spring slow cooker recipes to help you get out of the kitchen."

Give it a go: Instead of the usual straightforward blah-blah-blah, how can you bring something new to the table?

5. Fun. Even a cookie can use a little lift, as Everyday Food well knows. By having a little fun with the headline, we're likely to both smile and click: Total Tart-Throbs: Irresistible Lemon Icebox Cookies.

Try this at home: Even if your topic is not fall-down-laughing funny, take a lighthearted approach and your audience will notice.

Bon appetit!