Don't worry; I'm not here to criticize the Republican frontrunner. (Anyway, now that  John Oliver has let loose on Trump, there's really nothing left to say.)

But if you want to be a motivational leader, here's what you need to know: While Trump's over-the-top, just-say-anything approach may seem refreshing at first, it's not the way to engage people over the long haul.

So if you're in a leadership role at an organization and you'd like to encourage employees to give their best, here's what Trump doesn't want you to know: Talking (or tweeting) AT people may get attention, but it doesn't earn lasting trust.

As columnist Peggy Noonan writes in The Wall Street Journal, Trump's success has been largely fueled by Republican voters' rejection of the party's elite. "His supporters disrespect the system . . . They see Washington's dysfunction and they want to break through it."

But here's the tricky part: The same leadership mistake party establishment made--the flaw that made them lose mainstream voters' respect--may be the undoing of Trump as well.

That mistake is this: Not connecting with people on a fundamental level. If you (even secretly) think you're smarter, more savvy, better than the people you lead, you'll never achieve greatness. And whatever popularity you achieve will fade the next time the going gets tough.

As Noonan writes, "I have been thinking a lot about establishment and elites. A central purpose of both, a prime responsibility, is to understand those who are not establishment and elite and look out for them, take care of them. Not in a government-from-on-high way, not with an air of noblesse oblige, but in a way that is respectfully attentive to the faces of their lives. You have a responsibility when you lead not to offend needlessly, not to impose realities you yourself can buy your way out of. You don't privately make fun of people as knuckle-draggers."

In my book, Your Attention, Please, I wrote about the importance of knowing your audience. The concept, of course, is that the better you understand the demographic profile, needs and preferences of the people you're trying to reach, the better you can get through to them.

But knowing your audience doesn't go far enough. In order to break through today's nonsense, you have to go well beyond knowledge: You have to love your audience.

That is the leadership secret Donald Trump doesn't understand. But now that you do, you have the power to be a great leader.