Video Transcript

00:11 Alison Provost: If you're going to use video to market a small-to-medium size business and you want people to be able to come to your site and get to know you better through video, it gets tempting to make a video that is more "let us tell you about us", right? So, the lawn care service that 'let us introduce you to our management team here' or the hospital, 'let us tell you what kind of healthcare we deliver'. Those videos, however, it's important to know, won't do as well in search. There are three different kinds of search queries, but the ones that Google and Bing most often answer with a video suggestion are ones that provide information.

00:53 Provost: So, now let's change that video subject for the lawn care company from 'let us introduce you to our management team' to 'let's give you some tips for taking better care of your lawn'. And for the hospital instead of 'what kind of healthcare do we provide', 'it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let us tell you about some breast cancer prevention tips'. Those sorts of things really can help grow traffic to the website and credibility with the company to bring you new business.