Self awareness plays a huge role in your ability to lead, interact and manage--yourself and--a group of employees, or people. Lacking self awareness can be detrimental to your ability to not only communicate, but inspire.

If you don't practice and promote your own self awareness it could negatively catch up with you. More importantly, prioritizing self awareness will make you a better boss.

Here are two reasons why:

1. When you understand yourself, you understand the vibe you give off.

How do you make people feel?

Making people feel good, or a certain way, may not be something they teach you when you're getting your MBA. Still, it's still an extremely important aspect of business.

If people don't want to be in the same room as you, that's not a good thing.

I've worked for people with huge employe turnover rates. They were good at the main functions of their job, but they could not effectively manage their employees. They lacked self awareness, and their aspects of their job suffered because of it.

Even though they remained in their position, the time it took to train new employees (because they couldn't keep job positions filled for over a year) was draining, on the team, on the boss and on the entire company.

When you direct a meeting do your employees leave there feeling inspired or annoyed?

Do people dread going into your office, or are they excited to meet with you?

Understanding how you make people feel with your body language, words, actions, and even tone of voice is a huge part of self awareness. It's also key in being a good leader, manager or boss.

I heard this saying once and it stuck with me "Your vibe attracts your tribe". It does, and this applies as much to your work as it does your life.

So, what kind of vibe do you give off? And, how does it affect the people who work with and for you?

2. When you understand yourself, you understand your weaknesses (and your strengths).

Understanding what you're not good at is probably one of the hardest concepts of self awareness to grasp--both professionally and in your personal life.

It's difficult to be able to look at your skillsets and experience and say "No. I can't do that as well as my teammate." especially when you're in a managerial position. It's still significant to take the time to reflect on what you aren't the best at. This will help you manage your time and focus on job functions you excel at. Understanding what you're not good at, allows you to hone in on what you are good at.

When you don't have that self awareness it gets in your way as a boss. For example; you'll delegate less, and you'll end up spreading yourself too thin.

Here's a small example of how I've seen this concept of self awareness be neglected, and negatively affect a work environment. If you have younger people working or interning for you, they probably understand social media better than you. Societally, the younger you are the earlier in your life you've been interacting on social media platforms. So, younger generations inherently understand how to use it better.

Even so, time and time again I see marketing teams where the youngest members insights are not utilized. And instead, the busier and less social media savvy higher ups spend their time on campaigns that they don't have time for and do less efficiently than their interns or entry level employees would.

This is just an example, and it may be far from the norm in your company. Still, it's important to ask yourself on a daily basis (or at least weekly) what you are not good at. It will allow you to be able to surround yourself employees who are good at those things.

Practicing this aspect of self awareness will also allow you to focus on the aspects of your job you are good at. And understanding and practicing your strengths is just as imperative to a leadership role, as understanding your weaknesses.

Being a boss is hard, and it's even harder when you lack self awareness.

If you get in the habit of using these aspects of self awareness as tools, it will help you thrive as a manager, boss and entrepreneur.