Growth hacking is essential to entrepreneurs and career builders who want to stay ahead of the game. It's about finding a tactic, a "hack", and using it to help you (or your business) advance. 

This past weekend I attended, and spoke at, the Stacking Growth Summit in Silicon Valley. And learned a lot about growth hacking, and specific tactics that many business and entrepreneurs are using. Here are a few of the most valuable insights I took away from the event. 

1.  You can't find a short cut if you don't know what path you're on.

This is a growth hack and a life hack. And it's very true. Think about it, growth hacking solves backwards. You need to know where you are going first, and then you need to find the fastest way to get there. 

In his Growth Hacking Your Business speech, Juan Campos, explained that this is a huge flaw he see's when consulting startups who come to the accelerator he is the VP at. The issues is that many startups--and their founders--look for solutions like accelerators as their saving grace. When in fact, accelerators can only accelerate products and company's that are capable of accelerating. 

This means before trying to catalyze your speed with programing and marketing shortcuts, you should focus on building a brilliant company that already has all the tools it needs to grow. 

2. Use your LinkedIn profile as a way to funnel more sales and leads.

According to Goldie Chan, Linkedin Video Content Expert, you can do this in a few easy steps. First you need to add relevant keywords to your headline. This allows for Google to search those keywords, and keep you in the limelight. 

The second thing you need to do is add in your email or link to your sales page directly into your summary section. This makes you easily accessible. It turns your LinkedIn page into a business card.

And last but not least you should be uploading videos or articles about your brand at the end of your summary section. Use your profile to expose yourself and your knowledge, and expand your personal brand. 

3. There is immense value in building a personal brand. 

Nicolas Cole discussed using thought leadership as a growth hack for your career, and he shared key reasons for why building a personal brand is so valuable. 

In short, a great personal brand can opens up doors for you.

When you share your expertise, by explaining what you know in detail, you're providing your audience with value. And in turn, it can make your viewers trust you, and even want to work with you.  

It's an incredible way to establish your presence online. So when someone Google's your name, what they find is deliberate. What they find speaks volumes about the way you approach work, because you hold yourself--your brand--to a high standard. 

Most importantly, it's scalable. You could take calls and meetings all day, and maybe speak to 15 people...maximum. But when you create a great video, or write an important article you can reach thousands of people. 

Each of these growth hacks will help you build yourself and your career. They are each powerful and impactful tools you can use as an entrepreneur. These three simple put powerful tools will establish yourself and your business, and unlock incredible opportunities for you.