As the Green New Deal continues to make headlines, many of us are still left wondering the specifics of what this new deal aims to actually accomplish. In short, the Green New Deal is a newly proposed economic program that tackles economic inequality as well as climate change. Inspired by the new deal programs installed by FDR after the Great Depression, this four-part program aims to create a dependable and fair economy.​

Ocasio-Cortez has been both praised and condemned for the projections and goals outlined throughout the Green New Deal. Behind all of the controversy and excitement, how is this new deal going to affect small business throughout the United States?

Small businesses are the backbone of the US economy. Still, they depend on a flourishing economy to thrive and prosper. Here are three ways the Green New Deal could affect small business owners, entrepreneurs, and the entire US economy.

1. The right to fair taxation will change the way we do business.

The Green New Deal aims to ensure that fair taxation is a right available to every American. One way this will shift the business and entrepreneurial landscape is the way in which it will require that all corporate subsidies become transparent. This means corporations will be required to explain any tax subsidies in their public budgets. In turn, making them available for the public to see so that the subsidies cannot be disguised as tax breaks. 

Part of its purpose is to even the playing field for all business owners--regardless of the kind of company your manage.

Whether you running a startup, small business, or multimillion dollar corporation you will be paying your fair share of taxes. This is intended to even out the burden of paying taxes and ensure that individuals can't use their power or wealth to bypass paying taxes. Making the US economy a safer, and more equal place for small business and startups to compete with major corporations. 

2. Green businesses and cooperatives will be incentivized. 

The Green New Deal aims to transition the US economy to a sustainable and green economy. This goal is to make American businesses ethical, sustainable, and environmentally sound across the board. Which is why this proposed economic program plans to incentivize small businesses who support this mission. 

If you're an entrepreneur or small business owner and sustainably is one of your main pillars, this is for you. If your startup or small business isn't sustainable or promote clean energy, for example, if it continually produces carbon emissions or fossil fuels, this might be a time to rethink the way you produce your goods. 

The Green New Deal will support green businesses by supplying them with low-interest loans and grants. With the intention of creating jobs domestically and bolstering communities, this specific goal's objection is to especially nurture small business and locally-based companies. 

Small business owners, your financial needs and goals will be prioritized through this aspect of the Green new deal. 

3. The democratization of the media will be reinforced.

The Green New Deal highly prioritizing a fully functioning and reliable democracy. One way that this economic program will do this is by empowering and backing locally-owned media publications and stations.

If you're a small business owner or entrepreneur with a broadcast or print media company, this program aims to make your voice louder, and your reach wider. It makes small and local media companies a priority, by ensuring they get support on a federal level. 

If you aren't in the media industry, this initiative could make it easier for your small business or startup to receive credible PR. By empowering local media companies, this program, indirectly empowers local businesses and business owners to become the news, and have the impact they are making in their community become newsworthy. By creating a system that prioritizes equality, democracy, and our environment, the Green New Deal makes the economy a more stable place to navigate for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and Americans across the country.