Entrepreneurs have a 24 hour seven day a week job. You don't clock out, and even if you do it's probably not for very long. This dedication is incredibly important part of starting a business, but it also can get in the way of your creativity and passion. And that's not good.

So what do you do when you're in a funk? If you are struggling from writers block, or just feeling drained and unmotivated use these four tricks to get your creative juices flowing

1. Write out your ideas on a piece of paper for at least five minutes.

We are constantly on our phones, so sometimes taking a pen to a paper can give you a different feeling. If you are feeling uninspired pull out a notepad and just start writing. Sitting with yourself and word vomiting your thoughts out on to a piece of paper can be incredibly therapeutic, but it can also help you come up with new ideas and work through old ideas. 

Time yourself, and do this for at least five minutes. This activity will help you let go of negative thoughts that are keeping you down, and can simultaneously help you play with your ideas. It will boost your creativity.

2. Make time to take in something creative.  

Whether it's listening to J Cole's new album or reading a chapter of Mark Manson's new book, set aside some time to receiving art instead of divulging it. 

When you're always doing something you exhaust so much energy. That's a natural part of the entrepreneurial lifestyle. To combat this you need to practice what you input. This will balances all that you output. So if you're feeling inspired or can't seem to get into a creative flow, take the time to feed your energy with someone else's work. 

3.Step away and recharge.

Detach from your iPhone, tablet or computer. Since entrepreneurs are always working, it can be incredibly hard to step away from your screens. You need to put the electronics away and go out in nature, sweat it out at the gym or light some candles and mediate. 

Don't think, just be. 

Thinking all day is incredibly exhausting. So from time to time you should do something for yourself. Take time to recharge before you energy is depleted. This will help you stay inspired and focused for longer. 

4. Phone a friend. 

Sometimes when you aren't feeling excited about your life, career or a particular project you should let somebody know. Ask someone for help or advice, while getting your frustrations off your chest. 

You aren't the only person to feel uninspired. Talking to a friend or coworker can really help you put things into perspective, or help you come up with new approaches to your current situation.

Entrepreneurs who know they don't have all the answers learn things from others. This applies here, you  don't have to have all the answers and reaching out to someone can provide you with an incredible solution.