Beyoncé's brand is on point. Her fans--present company included--consider her flawless, and their Queen B. Her show at Coachella continued this brand message.

While many talented artists came out to Coachella and performed incredible sets, Beyoncé's show seemed to be next level. It got everyone calling Coachella "Beychella". She's has an incredible career--definitely deserves to have Coachella named after her--and her reputation proceeds her. 

We can all learn a lot from Bey, but one thing all entrepreneurs and self-starters should take away is her branding abilities. Here are a few major branding lessons that you can learn from Beyoncé's career. 

1. Be consistent and still manage to adapt to to the times.

Beyoncé's brand is reliable. For decades people having been coming to her shows and buying her albums and always having high expectations. Time and time again fans are always blown away. 

She consistently shows up and gives it her all. 

Her brand is consistent, yet evolving. She stays on tops of trends while staying true to herself. Good brands like Apple, Google and Disney understand that branding never stops. Their brand message is delivered to the consumer at every touch.

Whether you are on the driving by an Apple billboard, walking into an Apple store, or using one of their products, you always know what you are getting. Still, Apple has grown with the growth of technology. Lord knows no one is using those original boxy iPods anymore.

Beyoncé's brand stays consistent, yet ever evolving. Most of all it doesn't follow the trends. Instead, it keeps up with the current culture and creates the trends. 

2. Empower you audience.

Beyoncé makes her audience feel good. Or, more powerfully, she makes them feel okay with being upset. She empowers her audience to feel themselves and to express themselves.

Your brand should empower your consumers. Consumers want to feel heard. The Amazons of the world--or just Amazon in general--have made it imperative to get ahead by by putting the customer first. 

Part of this is creating an emotional connection to your audience. As a brand message, that connection will serve much longer than any product promotion. At Coachella (aka Beychella), Beyoncé starts one of her songs  by asking her audience a few questions. 

"Ladies, are we smart? Are we strong? Have we had enough? Show 'em!" 

By developing an emotional connection with her audience, Beyoncé consistently has her audience screaming, excited and happy to be a part of her experience. And your brand should always make your audience want to be a part of your produc'ts experience. 

Connect with your consumers on an emotional, and human level. Your brand message should empower them as consumers and as people.