Becoming successful in both your personal and professional life is a full plate. For many entrepreneurs so much happens so fast that it's hard to keep track of your goals. Being busy is great, but if you aren't smart about your habits your exciting schedule could get the best of you.

Whether you are aiming to avoid burnout, or to become more productive, you should start by focusing on your daily habits. Your goals don't just happen overnight. They are build up of days, months and years of hard work. 

The day-to-day matters. If you're striving to accomplish your goals, and utilize your full potential you should practice these four daily habits. 

1. Practice appreciation everyday.

The more busy you get, the more overwhelmed you get. A lot of times that pattern manifests as stress. As an entrepreneur, you're a leader. So if you're stressed, you're team will be stressed, and that's horrible for productivity. 

Although stress in inevitable, it is also really harmful. Stress takes a toll on your body, your relationships and your perspective. A good way to counter this negative feeling is to take the time to express or feel gratitude. 

If you practice appreciation everyday it will make you happier and more grounded person, and it will make a you better leader.

This habit will allow you to see the bigger picture and teach you not to sweat the small stuff--which is a tool all entrepreneurs could use. 

2. Write important things down.

Write down your to-do's, ideas and mark your calendars. I do all of the above, but practicing just one of those options will help you become increasingly more organized. 

A huge part of productivity is organization. Because entrepreneurs have so much going on and it can be extremely difficult to stay organized.  Writing things down is a useful tool help you stay on top of your tasks, meetings, and calls. 

I'm a huge fan of making lists. Whether it's simply for groceries, your work agenda, or things you want to accomplish throughout the week, lists are extremely efficient. When you make a list you not only have a reminder, you also have something to cross off (which entices you to complete it). 

If you need to remember something, write it down. 

3. Get enough sleep each night.

If you get into the habit of sacrificing your sleep you start depriving your body (and your brain) of the rest it needs. 

The entrepreneurial space is so competitive that it can make you want to work through the night. If you're burning the midnight oil every night, you're going to end up burning out. 

To maximize your productivity, and yourself as a leader, you need to stay alert. This means you need to prioritize going to bed early--or sleeping in if you're a night owl--so that you don't burnout.

4. Have goal setting "mantra" that you say everyday. 

Half of achieving your goals are setting them and believing that you can complete them. You should write out a sentence on your mirror, or on a sticky note posted on your nightstand that encompasses one of your main goals.

Let's say your most pressing goal is to have complete financial freedom. Write down "I want to have complete financial freedom by April 2019". And then everyday read that aloud at least once. 

This will keep you driven. As an entrepreneur, you are always doing a handful of things at once. It can be hard to cut the fat, and really focus on your main goal. Reciting this goal daily will help you keep your eye on the prize. Even if it's merely at a subconscious level it will keep you motivated and focused on your main priority.