We've all set out on goals that we haven't yet accomplished, hit the snooze button when we knew we should already be awake, and postponed our diet for "one more day" for weeks at a time. These forms of procrastination are small, but over time they start to compound. They start to limit your belief in yourself and hinder your productivity. Which is why it's extremely important that you do everything in your power to be the version of yourself that doesn't hit the snooze button four times before being able to get out of bed. 

With all these little goals slipping through the cracks it can seem impossible to make a real change in your life.

It might also be really difficult to pinpoint what exactly you're doing wrong. The truth is no matter where you fall on the I'm-awesome-and-always-productive-and-performing-at-110-percent spectrum, there will be days where you don't want to do what you need to do. Here is a major perspective shift that will help you boost your productivity by building better daily habits: 

Keep the promises you make to yourself (and others). 

This is way easier said than done, but it works. When you get in the habit of holding yourself accountable, all of your other habits fall in line. You will start to stop breaking promises to yourself. Most importantly, you will start to trust yourself and have faith in your ability to get things done. 

This doesn't mean that every time something goes wrong you blame yourself. Accountability is not about beating yourself up, it's about evaluating how you showed up to a situation. 

Are you the CEO who yells at your employees when you're having a bad day? Or do you push your personal problems to the side and bring inspiring and positive energy to the table? 

Did you choose to watch another episode of Ozark when you knew you should have been working on your pitch deck? 

Did you start your day by eating the healthy breakfast you said you wanted to you? Do you get straight to work and avoid distraction sites like Facebook, as you promised yourself you would? Or do you continue to make choices that you know don't serve your best interest?

Reconsider the choices you make that aren't helping you.

By evaluating how you spend your time, what distracts you are drawn to, and why you are drawn to them you start to do two things. You start to understand yourself. And you start to evaluate your flaws, your powerful traits, and the opportunities you have in front of you.

Using tools like bullet journals, to-do lists, and even meditating are great ways to process your days, and examine the ways you are keeping yourself accountable. If you have a goal you are trying to accomplish, set aside time each day to not only work on your goal but to understand your progress. 

This allows you to be real with yourself when setting goals and allows you to track them day by day. It allows you to start keeping tabs on the way you work. Most of all holding yourself accountable allows you to be the best entrepreneur, founder, and go-getter out there.