As the new year rolls in you are probably reflecting on how you treated 2017, and how you aspire to live in 2018. In this, you will think of the habits you've created and want to expand on. You will reflect on what you learned in failure, and how to grow from it. And you will think of habits and aspects to implement into the new year to help you prosper.

Whether you simply make a list of resolutions up in your head, or write one down in your journal, your list is probably filled with things you want to experience and accomplish. Furthermore, your list is most likely decorated with habits you want to create.

But what if I told you adding more aspiring accomplishments to your list can actually be adverse to your success?

Doing more isn't always a safe way to treat you aspirations.

Society teaches us to be well rounded, not to put out eggs in one basket, and that a full plate is a good plate. Many entrepreneurs tend to manifest these beliefs  with lengthy to-do lists of goals to achieve.

So, in the moments that you linger in unhappiness or doubt, you can't help but to think "what can I do to be happier", "what can I do to make this better".

You may think that working out more will help. Or that being more organized is the solution to your problems. Or that spending more time on a hobby will aid your happiness. Each of these things probably will in some way or another.

But the resolution you need to focus on above all else isn't action, it's inaction.

Is you're list is full of things you need to "do"? If your New Year's resolutions are comprised of output you're doing it all wrong.

Your number one resolution should be prioritizing input.

In the same way that reading helps writers write, consuming helps doers do. Input, above all else, promotes your output.

Rest catalyzes growth.

So, next year focus on feeding yourself, and giving yourself energy. Take time to pursue an activity with no agenda.

Most entrepreneurs don't leave a lot of time for observe and absorb. 

As an entrepreneur you're probably identify as a go-getter, an overachiever, or even an agent of change. These synonyms have positive connotations but the reality is that accomplishment as a feeling, is fleeting.

If you're an entrepreneur who wants to build something, you need to prioritize input almost as much as you prioritize output.

You're new years resolutions shouldn't be comprised of a list. Instead, it should be an overarching theme. "Be better". "Get stronger". "Create more".

Being better at Jiu Jitsu, networking and following through with promises means taking time to yourself. It means taking rest days. Or having nights in to yourself. Or not overbooking your schedule.

Getting stronger emotionally, physically and mentally means training. And part of training is resting. Training is a lot of output but, it's also a lot of reflecting, learning and unwinding.

Creating more products, ideas and relationships means giving up parts of you. Putting yourself into a creation can take a lot from you. So it's up to you create space for you to balance your input with your output.

No matter the individual resolutions you intend on manifesting in the new year, they will ask you for a lot of output. This is why the most important resolution to prioritize is input.