Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to express thanks and gratitude around your office. If you're in a leadership role, it's an especially important way to boost morale. It's the last few months of the year, and it's cold. These two factors can have your employees feeling burnt out, or struggling with a case of "senioritis." 

Create a positive and friendly atmosphere by using this holiday season to show appreciation to your employees. By expressing thankfulness at work you both make your employees feel valued and can encourage your employees to continue the trend of showing gratitude. Here are three simple ways to express gratitude this holiday season. 

1. Celebrate Thanksgiving in the office.

Having a Thanksgiving meal at the office creates an opportunity for everyone to sit down together and literally break bread. No matter the qualms between peers or stress factors of the day, you can use this as team building opportunity.

Creating time for everyone to set work aside and enjoy a meal together is a great way for different departments to get to know each other. Furthermore, diving into the holiday spirit can leave your employees feeling appreciated. Have a potluck, or "friends-giving" kind of event that only takes an hour out your work day but leaves everyone feeling good (and maybe even festive). This is an excellent way to have employees connect with one and other, and it's a wonderful opportunity for you to let them know how thankful you are for all the hard work they do all year around. 

2. Bring your coworker a festive drink (or gift card if you don't know what they like). 

It's cold o'clock, which means most people would enjoy a hot coffee or tea. Bringing a coworker coffee or tea, or a festive holiday drink is a wonderful gesture that can show them how much you appreciate them. 

It's also something that allows you to pop by their desk and get to know them a little better. You can see what their Thanksgiving plans are, or ask how they are feeling going into the holidays. Questions like this can provide great insight into their home or family life. These conversations are opportunities to find out that they have a sister living in Nebraska, or a dog at home who hates the cold. Most of all, when you bring someone a coffee, or gift card to a coffee shop if you're not sure how they like their coffee, you show them appreciation with a small but meaningful gesture. 

3. Give praise to your employees. 

The holiday season can be overwhelming for people. With all the traveling, present buying and family gatherings, your staff may be feeling emotionally drained. Not to mention, every industry tends to have an incredibly stressful November and December. While none of this your fault, or necessarily your problem, it's an important factor to be mindful of. 

This is why it's a great time to show appreciation to your employees. By publicly praising an employee or team who has done an outstanding job you make them feel seen and valued. This can boost their confidence and make them want to continue to be a front-runner. Still, praise giving doesn't always need to be on a platform. It's just important to privately let your staff know what a great job they are doing. When you individually give someone positive feedback, you can encourage them to keep up the good work. By doing this you create a work environment where your employees and coworkers won't feel taken for granted. Use this holiday season to express gratitude to your employees by complimenting their work ethic.