??The more you travel for business, the more likely you're going to get stuck at an airport at some point. Or maybe you're not actually stuck but you just happen to spend a lot of time at airports due to your travel schedule.

As my Instagram followers can tell you, sometimes the airport becomes my office. As I begin to travel more--both for business and pleasure--I've had to learn a thing or two about how to get stuff done at the airport. Here are a few airport productivity secrets I've learned along the way.

Get yourself some airport lounge access.

If you've got a long layover or find yourself stuck at the airport for a while for whatever reason, you may want to consider gaining access to some airport lounges. These lounges tend to be a lot more peaceful than the public waiting areas, so if you've got a deadline looming (been there), you can get it done.

So how exactly do you get this access? Some airline loyalty programs give you access to their lounges (some also include partner lounges) once you've reached a certain number of miles flown. In other words, if you happen to fly on one particular airline all the time, you may already be eligible for lounge access.

Some travel credit cards also offer airport lounge access as one of their perks. For example, the Chase Sapphire Reserve (a current traveler favorite) comes with a Priority Pass membership that gives you access to over 900 airport lounges around the world. All you have to do is activate your membership through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal.

Use music to your advantage.

Airports are full of people and noisy, which makes them quite possibly one of the least conducive places to get anything done. This is where a good pair of headphones and specific playlists come in handy.

Studies have already reported that music can help increase productivity in the workplace, so why not give it a shot at the airport? If it works for me at my co-working space, then it can totally work while I'm waiting at the gate for my flight.

However, not all music is created equal depending on what you do. For example, I mostly write for a living--whether it's content for my clients or creating a curriculum for students and coaching clients.

That means the last thing I can listen to while I work is music with words. Instead, I turn to something like the Productive Morning Playlist on Spotify.

Be prepared.

Anyone who travels a lot for business can tell you that the No. 1 rule for being productive at the airport is to be prepared for anything.

For example, make sure your gear is actually working. I was once in the Atlanta airport on a layover and realized the Wi-Fi card in my Macbook must have been damaged because while everyone else was getting online just fine, I couldn't.

You'll also want to have portable chargers, a hot spot in case there's no Wi-Fi (some cell phone providers allow you to use your phone as a hot spot), and a solid plan for tasks that can be completed while you're at the airport.

Bottom Line

While getting stuck at the airport can throw a wrench into your business plans, it really doesn't have to. Thanks to technology, we can work from anywhere. It's just a matter of knowing how to stay productive.