I've previously written about how to manage a business while traveling. Unfortunately, as some readers pointed out to me later, I left out something very important - rest.

Let's be frank, it can be very difficult to rest while you're traveling and running a business. This is especially true if you're traveling for your business.

Often times when we travel for work, it's either for a big event or a big project. We've got very limited time and a lot to accomplish, so rest usually takes a backseat.

For example, I recently flew to Orlando to film a business class for a client. I took the first flight out and as soon as I landed took an Uber to the studio to film for 9 hours straight. The next day we filmed for 12 hours and then I flew back home. Long story short, we filmed 130 videos in two days.

The reality is we need to find ways to rest, especially if we travel for work often. We're not robots and our bodies need to recharge. Otherwise, it will inevitably affect our health and work. Here are just a few of the things I've begun incorporating into my travel schedule so I can avoid burnout.

Set boundaries.

When I travel for business, it's usually for something that will be taking up my full attention for two or three days. That means I'm not really going to be around to take on new client projects or do coaching calls.

If something's been on the calendar for some time, such as my recent business trip, I tend to stop taking on new projects a few days before actually getting on the plane. I also let my current clients know that I'll be away on business and will not be responding to emails.

As business owners, we make our own schedules, and it's up to use to remember that and exercise that perk. It may seem incredibly simple to let people know you won't be around, but people don't set these boundaries and often times end up taking on too much.


Depending on what the business travel is about, I may not be sleeping as much as I normally do. If I'm traveling for an industry conference I already know I'm probably not sleeping. If I'm traveling for a client project, I may be sleeping but only after pulling an 18 hour day.

In either scenario, I give my body and mind a boost by carving out time to meditate for 10 to 15 minutes a day. Countless studies have shown how meditation helps us focus and recharge, and the best part is it's free.

Treat yourself.

This tip is my absolute favorite and I'm pretty sure it's changing my life. Depending on how much time I have when traveling for business, I will try to treat myself while on the road. It helps me

On my recent trip, I had enough time to go to the local mall to get a pedicure. Because I'd been filming in heels for two days I threw in a foot massage for good measure. This gave me about an hour and a half of peace and relaxation before heading back to the hotel, checking in on some emails and making my way to the airport.

Final Thoughts

Traveling for business is a lot of fun and it's become one of my favorite job perks. While it can also be very exhausting and throw you off your game, it's important to incorporate as much rest as you can so that you can take care of yourself and focus on the work.