After two and a half years of trying to build a business from home, I decided to finally bite the bullet and join a local coworking space.

At first, I was hesitant to spend the money. Why pay a membership if I've been working from home for free? That was over a year ago, and now I can honestly say that becoming a member of a coworking space is some of the best money I've ever spent in my business (and quite possibly my life).

I get twice as much work done in less time.

Here's my issue when it comes to working from home. I either get lazy or I'll do something insane like put in an 18 hour day. Reason being that I'm simply not as focused at home anymore so I either don't get anything done or it takes me much longer to do it.

There's also the whole displaced productivity thing. I might avoid work related to my business by doing laundry or cooking. Sure, I'm being productive. But neither of those activities pay the bills.

Meanwhile, I'm usually much more focused at my coworking space. While still sometimes work from home, I know that if I have a big project to work on then I have somewhere I can go to focus.

I have a separation between work and home.

Joining a coworking space has allowed me to set a clear separation from work and home. Prior to joining the line was far more blurry and I hated it. These days, when I leave the office I'm done for the day.

Of course, as an entrepreneur you're never really done, but at least I can more easily transition from my work life to my home life. My relationships are extremely important to me, and having that separation helps me take my Girlboss hat off and focus on other aspects of my life.

I've met really cool people.

I'm an extrovert. This means I actually like being around other people because it energizes me. If I'm home for too long I lose steam and everything suffers - including my business.

I also love meeting new like-minded people. Since joining my coworking space I've become friends with other creatives in my area and have gotten more involved in the local startup scene. This has opened me up to new worlds in my own city that I didn't even know existed.

On a professional level, I've made contacts in the FinTech industry, got a TV appearance because of a contact I made and have landed speaking gigs in my local area because of the people I've met.

Above all, I've made new friends who get me. One of my biggest complaints for years was that all the friends who understood what I was trying to do lived in other cities. I only saw them once, maybe twice a year at conferences. Or, I'd have to book a plane ticket to hang out with them for a week.

Now I know people in my local community who also get what it's like to run a business. I have a local support system that wasn't there before.

I'm making more money.

One of my biggest fears about joining a coworking space was losing money on something I didn't need. The reality is a coworking space is an investment that's helped me earn more money than ever.

Between the contacts I'm making and a designated space to actually work, I'm continuing to expand my business in new and exciting ways. Additionally, I'm generally in a better mood which helps keep the creativity flowing. This comes in handy when your job is literally to create content for a living.

This happened to one of my mindset coaching clients as well. I advised her to find a dedicated space so she could commit time to her business. As soon as she did, she started earning more money.

Bottom Line

If you've been contemplating joining a coworking space but haven't been able to make up your mind, consider this my two cents. I'm psyched with where my business is heading and I know a lot of it has to do with having invested in a coworking space.