As a millennial finance and business expert, I often times get questions from small business owners about cash flow, sales, client retention and negotiating.

I also hear the same complaint on a weekly basis, "Amanda, I can't seem to attract clients with bigger budgets. Everyone I talk to is broke! What do I do?"

Speaking as a business owner who has had to overcome this obstacle her content marketing business, if you're attracting this into your business then it's either an issue with prospecting, marketing or both. Here are some tried and true ways to attract clients with big budgets.

Know where the money actually comes from.

Since I deal in the online marketing space a lot, sometimes I notice small business owners are confused about where their business revenue comes from.

For example, I write to millennials about personal finance and entrepreneurship on my blog, but they aren't paying me for content marketing.

Instead, my bills are being paid by financial institutions, fintech companies, business services like payment processors, and business publications to write about millennials, money, and business.

My marketing with a blog simply establishes me as an expert in a given topic. I leverage that into paid projects with large companies who are either writing to a millennial market about money or trying to get small business owners to use their services.

Once you've established where the money is, start prospecting.

The other mistake I see small business owners making when trying to attract clients with large budgets is their lack of prospecting. Unfortunately, the "build it and they will come" mentality is still quite common.

Eventually, once you've established yourself enough, more clients will naturally come to you as a result of your marketing efforts and track record. But that takes time. Until then, you're prospecting, cold calling, emailing and speaking to people who can actually pay you.

Put screeners in place during your prospecting process.

If you want to weed out people who don't have the money to pay for your products or services, then you need to put some sort of screener in place to spot them.

For example, anyone who wants to have a consult with me must first go through an application process where I ask them questions about their business before getting access to my calendar. This helps me weed out individuals who aren't a good fit from those who have the budgets to pay me.

Teach leads how they can pay for you.

Although my business primarily consists of content marketing, I've steadily been moving into more of a business coaching space as a result of people wanting me to help them with their business marketing.

What I've come to notice is, if I've done my marketing right, coaching leads usually come to me with the means to pay for my services.

It's not uncommon for coaching prospects to tell me, "Oh, girl! I've already read The Millionaire Next Door!" or "All my consumer debt is paid off and I've saved up to work with you."

The reason for this is because I address it through my free content. For example, I have an entire blog post where I share the different options people have to pay for a business coach.

Granted, this works for me because I write about business and finance for a living. I also know my market well enough to know that often times they need to get their personal finances in order first and then they begin to think about starting a business to earn more.

The reason I know all of this is because I've done my marketing homework. I know what obstacles are in the way and I address those obstacles in my marketing.

Watch your energy.

Sometimes you can do all the right technical things in your business, but you're still attracting people who can't pay you. This is usually an energetic thing and involves some inner reflection.

Where are you giving off the vibe that you aren't worthy of earning more money? Or, where are you unconsciously telling people your services aren't valuable? Our unconscious beliefs do affect what we attract into our businesses, so pay attention to what kind of an impression you're giving.

Final Thoughts

It is possible to naturally attract clients with bigger budgets into your business by implementing these strategies over time. It will take a little while, but once you reach a tipping point it snowballs into more opportunity, bigger budgets, and more revenue.