I recently wrote about how I was in Nashville visiting a colleague. I wrote about all the business lessons I'd learned in Music City, but I didn't write about the travel headaches I experienced on the way home.

As luck would have it, some bad weather caused flight delays all over the airport. My plane actually ended up going to another city to refuel because it couldn't land in Nashville. This added about two hours to my travel time.

Then, the flight attendants scared me because for a second there it looked like the flight was going to be delayed again. Fortunately, it wasn't, but it easily could have been because these things happen all the time.

The key to keeping your business running smoothly during these situations is to set yourself and your business up in a way where you don't let these things throw you. Here are some of my tips on how to keep your business running when you're experiencing the occasional travel headaches.

Don't freak out.

A few years ago, something like this would have caused my Type A need-to-have-everything-planned-out personality to rear its ugly head. My anxiety would have kicked in, I would have gotten extremely frustrated and I possibly might have taken it out on someone.

None of this is conducive to making sure my business keeps running even when I'm stuck in another city. Luckily, I don't do this anymore. At least not as often. A big reason why is because I've learned about tools and exercises that help me keep my cool.

One technique that has helped me tremendously in times of travel stress is meditation. Fortunately for us frequent travelers, some geniuses have created meditation apps with guided meditations made specifically for travelers.

I personally use Calm but there are plenty of others including Simple Habit and Headspace. These apps are affordable and they help you keep your cool in times of stress and frustration.

Find stuff to work on that doesn't require an internet connection.

A lot of airports will charge you to use WiFi so I personally feel like flight delays are a perfect time to work on things that don't require an internet connection. This includes things like articles, slide decks or social media copy that I need to send to a contractor.

While I could use my cell phone to tether, the reality is I could use some time to work where I'm not being distracted by Facebook or YouTube. Fortunately, being stuck at an airport can provide that for you.

Create a business that doesn't require your constant attention.

Parts of my business are automated so I don't need to actually be available for it to run a lot of the time. For example, I've recently completed creating a sales funnel for the sale of digital courses. This runs without me needing to actually do anything other than the initial setup.

While my business is nowhere near as automated as I'd like it to be, my team and I have definitely put in the effort to create systems over time that allow me to take a step back and not have to be so hands on with my business.

It takes time to get these systems all set up, but it is definitely worth the effort in the long run, especially if you plan on traveling quite a bit.

Additionally, you can start hiring team members to help run parts of your business for you. I recently promoted my virtual assistant to a management position to help me with other contractors who are working on parts of the business that I don't need to be involved in.

Final Thoughts

If you're planning on traveling quite a bit in your life, then you're going to need to find ways to make sure your business keeps running even when you're not there. This can be very helpful during those inevitable moments when the travel part of traveling is causing frustrations.