Every week, business owners come to me complaining that the product or services they've worked so hard on creating just aren't selling.

What I've found is there's usually a disconnect between the product or service and the consumer. More often than not, it's because the business owner didn't have their audience in mind when creating their offering. Not even close.

Here's how to create a product that will sell itself, based on my experience self-publishing an Amazon best-selling book that still sells four years later.

Give your market what they want.

In order to create a product or service that people want to buy, you have to give them what they want.

Your market needs to feel like this product or service was made for them - even if it's something like a book that ends up in the hands of the masses.

So how do you do this? By asking your market.

Before launching my book, Make Money Your Honey, I got on the phone with 100 people in my target market to pick their brains.

The content that came out of those interviews became the premise for my book. The only thing I really did was provide answers to the questions and concerns they were expressing during those calls.

Since I had a pretty decent sampling size, I was able to see the patterns among many people. At that point, it was safe to assume that if an issue came up for 75 out of the 100 people that I interviewed, that it was likely coming up for a lot of other people as well.

Test your ideas before launching.

The next step is to test your ideas before launching. Seriously, don't put something out there until you've tested it and then tweaked it a few times based on feedback.

When I initially conducted those 100 interviews with people in my target market, I thought I was going to create a group coaching program, so I tested the idea.

What I realized was that instead of wanting a group program, what my audience really wanted was some sort of easy-to-read manual. This information is what caused me to scrap the group coaching idea and write a book instead.

Once I had a draft, I had a few people look at it and provide their feedback. Based on that information, I made the necessary tweaks.

Make your potential customers a part of the creation process.

This one tip will absolutely ensure that you create a product or service that sells. If you really want success with a product, make your potential customers a part of the creation process.

If you follow the first two suggestions in this article, then you are kind of already doing this. However, there are ways to take it a step further. Here are some of the things I did to make potential customers feel like they were writing and launching this book with me:

  • I posted constant social media updates - from announcing I'd finished a draft to showing a picture first proof of the physical book (even though the cover was off).
  • I got colleagues and friends involved. Many of them were more than happy to interview me on their platforms to help me spread the word. Lots of them even bought the book themselves!
  • Since I couldn't sell the proofs, I created a giveaway contest where the prize was a one of those copies. In order to enter, people had to share information about the book in several ways.

This was before the existence of things like Facebook Live and Periscope. Had live video been around back then I definitely would have been showing behind the scenes of the book creation process.

Final Thoughts

If you involve your market in the process of creating a service or product - from the initial research stage to the actual launch - you will increase your chances of creating something that will sell itself. The key is to tailor an offering based on the needs of your audience, not because you think you should put a specific offering out there.