Even though I'm a self-proclaimed travel junkie and have spent the better part of my twenties creating a business I could run with a laptop and a WiFi connection, I'm beginning to come to the stark realization that I need to take a temporary hiatus from traveling so much.

This realization comes after I spent the first quarter of the year traveling while simultaneously keeping up with clients and trying to implement a big project in my business. The end result of this was the worst case of burnout I've experienced in years.

By the end of March, I was dying to crawl back into my own bed and just stay home for a while. I needed to regroup and feel grounded again. I needed to get my bearings because I felt like I'd left them on a plane somewhere.

The reality is sometimes we road warriors need to put our wanderlust aside so we can put ourselves back together again. Here are just a few of the reasons why may need to stop traveling for work temporarily.

It's negatively affecting your business.

Even though the majority of my travel this first quarter was for business, I was having a difficult time staying on top of things and actually growing my business.

Because I was always either on a plane or about to get on a plane, I was finding it difficult to keep up with my accounts payable and accounts receivable. This led to some sticker shock when I received the bill for my business credit card, missed client payments and more financial stress than I care to deal with.

That's why, aside from a speaking engagement I already have on the books, I'm going to take a break from traveling for a while. I need to get the books back in order and I need the mental clarity to see some projects through to their completion. I find that can't do this as effectively if I'm traveling too frequently.

It's negatively affecting your health.

Aside from the financial stress I experienced the first quarter of the year, I was also experiencing physical stress.

By March, I couldn't remember the last time I'd gone to yoga, I was having a very difficult time keeping up with my nutrition program and I wasn't sleeping well. I felt like I'd been sustaining myself on caffeine and adrenaline for weeks, and my body was not having it anymore.

Without my health, I don't have anything. So since my body is practically screaming for rest and a little more routine, I'm going to pay attention and give it what it wants.

It's getting in the way of other important things in life.

Although I consider my personal relationships to be important to me, I realized I wasn't really acting like it. After all, it's a little hard to nurture your relationships when you're never around.

My business has been at the forefront of my life for years, and now that I've built a solid foundation I promised myself I'd start focusing on my relationships again. Constant travel for work was getting in the way of being able to fulfill this promise to myself, so I decided it was time for a hiatus.

Final Thoughts

It can seem difficult to give yourself a break when a big part of your work requires you to travel. But, as many of us can attest to, if we don't consciously plan for these breaks then it begins to take a toll on our work, our bodies, and our relationships. If any of these three things is feeling off kilter, then it may be time for a hiatus.