There are plenty of would-be entrepreneurs (myself included!) who've tried to convince ourselves that we feel happy and fulfilled climbing the corporate ladder. 

But while we might get some validation from raises, promotions and job offers at "better" companies, eventually, we realize that we need something more. It becomes clear that the only business that can inspire us, challenge us, and fulfill our need to lead is the one that we create for ourselves

When these daydreams start to solidify into actually business plans--and those business plans take up more brain space than your actual job--it's time to make your side hustle a full time gig.

Consider these 17 signs you're ready to hand in your notice and launch your new life as a full-time entrepreneur.

  1. You talk about your new business idea so much that half of your family and friends think that it's your actual job.
  2. You know the most private place at your office to make calls about your side hustle.
  3. You've moved your unofficial business HQ to the coffee shop  next to your office.
  4. Like the British empire, the sun never sets on your work day: You're willing to work incredibly weird hours to find more time for your dream gig.
  5. The thrill you once got when splurging on clothes, gadgets or vacation getaways has been completely replaced by the urge to sock away cash to fund your new venture.
  6. Much love to your friends, but most of your nights are now spent at networking events (or working those weird hours!).
  7. Even in the half-baked stages without a fully functioning website or finalized business materials, you've already pulled in a few early customers or clients.
  8. You're not the only one obsessed with your business idea: Colleagues and friends tell you that they wish they'd thought of your idea first (better get it off the ground before they do!).
  9. You're totally motivated to work around the clock--as long as it's not for someone else's company.
  10. You've spent a significant amount of time putting together a business plan (even if you eventually end up throwing it out and doing something totally different).
  11. You're far less concerned with finding investors for your idea, and more concerned with bootstrapping to prove your concept.
  12. You've started to look at every hour you put into your day job as an hour you're taking away from your new business.
  13. You've already divided your LinkedIn connections into potential client and potential employee categories.
  14. You're already starting to get serious traction for your side business--which could mean interest from potential partners and clients, or an actual income stream.
  15. When you look at your 9-5 to do list, you feel dread. When you look at your side hustle to do list, you feel excited.
  16. Your work performance reviews always have the term "self-starter." If only they knew...
  17. Your fear of not pursuing your dreams has eclipsed your fear of failure.