"Where did I put that file?" has replaced "Where did I put my keys?" as the official call out before a frantic--and all too common--search. Between all of your devices and all of your cloud storage options, the number of places those tricky files could be hiding is only increasing--and with it, the time spent looking for them.

This time spent searching for lost document and images is time that could--and should--be better spent doing more productive work. Keep your project files better organized with these six essential digital tools (if only they helped find your keys as well!).


Largely a project management tool, Basecamp is also a gem when it comes to file storage and sharing. The beauty of it is that no matter whether you store files on your computer or use Google Drive, Basecamp seamlessly integrates both. At Masthead Media, we use Basecamp to track article revisions and other deliverables with our clients.

Team Drive

At this point, Google Drive is old hat--an old hat that we love very, very much. Newer to the GSuite, though, is Google Team Drives--a feature of G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Business, and G Suite for Education. With Team Drive, even after an employee leaves your company or the drive, the rest of the team can still access all the files he or she uploaded. On the flip side, new employees onboarded to a Team Drive automatically have access to all files.

Prime Photos

My favorite word when it comes to storage is "unlimited," which is why I love Prime Photos. This cloud feature comes with an Amazon Prime membership (the membership that just keeps on giving), and is incredibly helpful if you use photos or videos in your course of business.


Once you get past the traumatic high school geometry flashbacks, you'll love IFTTT (if this then that), which uses conditional statements to sync your favorite online accounts. Just set these conditional statements (called applets), and one online activity triggers a string of others, saving you time and brainpower. A simple application for your brand is to set an applet to copy any Facebook post or tweet that mentions your brand, and store it in Google Drive (or maybe your Team Drive).


For better or worse, our best ideas don't always come when we're sitting in front of our computers. Evernote is great for that, and lets you take and store photos on the go, record and organize voice memos, and search it all intuitively (even by your location as you recorded the note). Oh, and it's way harder to lose than the scraps of paper and cocktail napkins where you wrote your previous brilliant ideas.


If your company has design needs, Balsamiq will be hugely helpful. This website was built for creating and sharing mock-ups--including for websites and presentations--and facilitates seamless collaboration and feedback between you and the designers working on your projects.

What are you using to keep tabs on all of your files? Let us know in the comments!