Social media is an essential marketing tool every brand has spent a lot of time--and company resources--investing in during the last decade. The use of social media (by brands and by customers) isn't slowing down in 2020, even if it will take a new shape in the years ahead.

It's critical for marketers to spend time learning from one another and sharing digital marketing secrets if they want to stay ahead of an industry that moves at the speed of light.

From learning how to craft the perfect Instagram story to whether or not Tik Tok is meant for you and your brand, what better way to up your social media game than at some of the industry's top conferences?

At Masthead Media, we like to plan our conference schedule at the start of each year to ensure we make it to events that are truly worth our time and investment. These are the social events we're excited to explore for 2020.

San Francisco (February 4-6, 2020)

Chicago (April 28-30, 2020)

At each of the Social Media Strategies Summits, you'll have the opportunity to engage in workshops that will help you take your own social strategy to the next level. Discuss how smart assistants will work their way into your plans this decade and hear from professionals at brands like Walmart, Dollar Shave Club, Sony, and more.

Austin (February 26-28, 2020)

New York City (May 5-7, 2020)

With events all around the world, Social Media Week is the premier social media conference, covering a wide range of topics and featuring dozens of digital marketing leaders. Two of the top U.S.-based events--found in Austin, Texas and New York City--will focus on this year's theme: Human.X. Learn how to take a "human-first and experience-driven approach to marketing" at Social Media Week.

Various Locations and Dates

Digital Summit isn't solely a social media conference, but it's a great place to learn how social integrates into your overall digital plan. Marketing and digital media leaders convene at these various conferences--held all around the world--to help you navigate how to master your social strategy and keep it consistent with the rest of your company's messaging.

San Diego (March 1-3, 2020)

Curious to know how to build a brand on Instagram that stands out? Or how to break into TikTok? Social Media Marketing World will take you through all of the areas of social media you'll want to master. From Facebook ads to organic channel strategies, this conference is one you won't want to miss in 2020.

Austin, Texas (March 13-22, 2020)

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention South by! The marketing conference of all conferences, SXSW is the place for every brand, no matter what your size, to launch the new decade. When you're not learning about the future direction of social, dive into advertising & brand experience or experiential storytelling tracks and discover unique trends and skills that will propel your brand in the right direction.

Victoria, BC (May 5-7, 2020)

Head north and up your social media game at Canada's Social Media Camp. This year, hear from keynote speaker Jillian Harris--storyteller, TV host, and social media expert--about the best ways to inspire your audience and engage consumers through social. With interactive sessions and beginner to advanced tracks, you're sure to take away tips and tricks for a successful 2020.

Atlanta, Georgia (May 12-14, 2020)

One of the new marketing and social media events held in Atlanta, it's the ideal spot to find "innovative ways to continue leveraging social to drive business goals." Learn from professionals at Lego, Twitter, Nike, IBM, and more, and engage with fellow social media gurus from across the U.S.