There comes a point where the many of the "pros" of working from home transform into cons.

The benefit of a quiet space to think gives way to a longing for collaboration. The non-commute eventually equals a never-ending workday with no built-in boundaries. No co-workers to hold you accountable may actually lead to a productivity slump. And let's not even get started on the shame spirals from the days when you never change out of your PJs!

Taking your growing business outside your home office and into a more inspiring setting may be easier--and more affordable--than you think. Investing in a membership to a coworking space not only gives you a reason to leave the house, but also provides business resources (think printing supplies and WiFi) and networking opportunities at a fraction of a traditional office's overhead. Plus, you don't have to clamor for a table by the outlet at your local coffee shop!

There are some amazing coworking office options all across the country these days, including these eight spaces that set the bar for gorgeous design.

1. Workbar, Boston


Boston's first coworking space, Workbar, is also the city's most charming, and worth the membership--if just for the bottomless fair trade coffee alone. This comfortable space is filled with exposed brick and beams, and has plenty of quiet corners and offices for phone calls.

Additional Locations This Massachusetts-based chain has locations in Somerville, Cambridge, Brighton, Norwood, and Danvers.

Price Full time monthly rates start at $350/month.

2. NeueHouse, Los Angeles

In true Hollywood form, you have to be on the "list" to work at NeueHouse. Make it past the application process, and your workspace will boast a swanky restaurant, film screening room, private dining space, listening room, performance space, two outdoor decks, and natural light galore.

Additional Locations New York (Madison Square), and London

Price Membership fees range from $150 to $1,500.

3. Thompson Square Studios, New York (SoHo)

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There are so many coworking places in New York to choose from (hundreds, in fact), but Thompson Square Studios takes the cake for the most stunning. This exclusive, membership-only workspace sprawls across a full floor penthouse and shines with luxurious design touches, like a marble bar and crystal chandeliers.

Additional Locations N/A

Price Full-time monthly rates start at $250/month.

4. Common Desk, Dallas (Deep Ellum)

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The exposed beams, three lounges, indoor/outdoor café, quirky décor (think rows of skull reliefs), and local beer on tap set a creative tone for Common Desk, but there are plenty of private spaces to get some quiet work done as well. Need to pick up lunch down the street? Borrow one of the shared bikes offered at this full-service workspace.

Additional Locations Dallas (Oak Cliff)

Price Full-time monthly rates start at $200/month.

5. Green Spaces, Denver

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Exposed brick and beams, chalkboard signs, and weekly yoga classes make working at Green Spaces feel more like setting camp at your favorite coffee shop than trudging in for a day at the office. Beyond being a beauty, Green Spaces takes its role as an environmental leader seriously with living walls, reclaimed materials, nearly 100 percent of its energy offset by solar panels, and a zero-waste initiative, and helps members become certified green, too.

Additional Locations N/A

Price Full-time monthly rates start at $245/month.

6. Co+Hoots in Phoenix

Describing itself with the Zoolander-eque quote "Yeah, we're ridiculously good looking" is bold, but also true of downtown Phoenix's first co-working space, Co+Hoots. The brightly painted walls and floor-to-ceiling windows will make you never want to set foot in a florescent glow cubicle ever again.

Additional Locations N/A

Price Full-time monthly rates start at $79/month.

7. CoCo in Minneapolis

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CoCo's flagship location in downtown Minneapolis is--in a word--grand. Once the historic trading floor of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange, this 16,000-square foot space has vaulted ceilings, tons of natural light, and even a Zen garden.

Additional Locations Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis (Northeast), Minneapolis (Uptown)

Price Full-time monthly rates start at $365/month, with 5- and 14- day options starting at $85/month and $195/month, respectively.

8. Industrious Office in Chicago

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The multi-floor, 21,000 square feet Industrious Office space is always buzzing with activity, and even has a relaxation room to escape it all. This Midwest stunner is filled with natural light, reclaimed wood furniture, antique design touches, and exposed brick.

Additional Locations Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Columbus, St. Louis, Nashville, Atlanta, Austin, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and Raleigh - with more coming soon.

Price Full-time monthly memberships start at $420

Jan 16, 2017