Whether you use it for your 10 a.m. team meeting or your 5 o'clock happy hour, the video conference tool Zoom has become a mainstay of virtual gatherings. However, there isn't always time to make your space look picture-perfect before a meeting starts--and that growing pile of laundry is starting to take over the frame.

Rather than refusing to turn on your camera (my go-to move), make this simple change instead.

Switch up your scenery

While there's not much we can change about our environment during these stay-at-home days, brands are offering a wide variety of Zoom backgrounds to transport you almost anywhere else. Zoom offers a background image replacement feature, like a green screen, so you can catch a break if you're dealing with a messy room--or if you just want to switch it up from that plain white wall. 

At the content marketing company I co-founded, Masthead Media, we like to use Canva, where you can customize a background using easy templates. This trend has become a soft way for brands of any size to pivot their marketing strategy and get their imagery out there without coming off as insensitive.

Where to find the best backgrounds

Now, what started as a way to present a tidy space in front of your co-workers, has practically turned into a competition for the most outrageous background you can find. From Netflix's Tiger King personalities to a doughnut halo created by The Infatuation, brands have been given a lighthearted marketing opportunity during these rocky times. 

These travel-inspired backgrounds from hospitality brand OneFineStay can bring you around the world--especially helpful if your spring or summer vacation plans are canceled. Even colleges have gotten in on the trend, allowing students (or alum!) to appear like they're on campus while they're home attending virtual classes. 

Before you jump on your next Zoom, check out and add one or more of these fun backgrounds.