Is Facebook making a play to pull some YouTube influencers to their Creator platform? It sure seems like it. The social media juggernaut recently launched two tools meant to help their creator community create content, share it, and engage with fans more seamlessly, perhaps aiming to make Creators the go-to video influencers over YouTubers.

On top of helping the creators, some of the new features rolled out are a boon for brands. Enhanced metrics and cross-posting tools are just two of the features that should entice you to take a look at Facebook creator influencers as branded content partners.

Who Are These Creators, Anyway?

The creator community may sound exclusive, but there's really just one main criteria for entry: You have to create video content. There are certainly influencers in the mix (and we can only assume Facebook wants to expand that presence), but there's no set number of fans or followers required to join the community. Creators can use the platform to create branded content, as long as they comply with rules to label it as such (and tag any brand that put money toward it).

An App Just for Creators

Creators now have access to live broadcast tools exclusive to the community, including branding items like custom live stickers that fans can use to interact, graphic frames, and ability to add pre-recorded bumpers to live broadcasts. This app has some real time-saving cred too, with an in-app feature that enables simultaneous posting content to other platforms (think: Instagram Stories); an inbox that aggregates Facebook comments, Instagram comments, and Facebook messages; and immediate access to Facebook Stories.

Finally--fellow analytics nerds will be psyched to hear that the in-app insights are on point: Page, video, and fan analytics are all available right from the app.

New Website

Facebook takes a "help us, help you" approach with the new Facebook for Creators website. Aiming to help Facebook content rival--say--YouTube content, the site offers resources and tips for creating better content and growing audiences. Yes: This means Facebook creators are getting lessons on how to create better content--which can only benefit their ability to make high quality branded content. On top of information about how to produce successful videos and tips for planning out a content calendar, signing up for the creators website gives creators access to new tools first.

What Does This Mean for Brands?

There are more than two billion people on Facebook. Two. Billion. If your influencer approach has overlooked working with the creator community to create branded content just yet, it might be time to add that into your 2018 content strategy.