As a marketer (and the founder of a content marketing company), it's essential for me to stay in front of industry news and trends. When I can multitask by getting headlines and insights as part of my morning routine, I feel even more productive and empowered to start my workday.

While I often catch up on my favorite business podcasts during my commute, most mornings, I start the journey by skimming through the carefully selected marketing newsletters that hit my inbox. 

These are the five that I've learned via lots of trial and error are not only worth my time (and yours!) but are fun, engaging and bound to inspire lots of learning and conversation. 

The Daily Carnage

I recently discovered The Daily Carnage and love its clean design and witty, engaging copy. Even if I don't have time to read the whole thing, I can absorb top marketing and tech industry headlines in about 17 seconds (love it!).

This newsletter, published by Pittsburgh-based digital marketing agency Carney, is divided up into sections that focus on industry news, tactical tips, and tools and technology. It even has an "Ads from the Past" section at the end that highlights the quirky advertisements of yesteryear. You can sign up and view past issues here.

Think With Google

I've mentioned before how the Google suite of products is an essential part of how my team and I work. And as a marketer, I'm always following along with changes to Google's algorithm and how it impacts SEO optimization strategies. The Think with Google newsletter bundles all of those great Google product insights into bite-sized updates delivered straight to your inbox. Recent topics covered in Think with Google include marketing automation and the importance of user trust in online advertising.

Inside Intercom

Intercom's customer messaging software is beloved by many marketers, and the Inside Intercom newsletter has a similarly loyal following. It boasts more than 40,000 subscribers, and goes beyond sales and marketing content, featuring articles on product management, customer experience, and more. Inside Intercom also goes deep on areas like chatbot engagement, product marketing, and even leadership and career development. 

Convince & Convert

Convince & Convert is the marketing advisory firm founded by Jay Baer, and the company's newsletter is an informative and well-curated mix of case studies, tutorials, and strategic insights. While Convince & Convert typically works with mid-size and large companies, the firm's weekly newsletter is a helpful resource for marketers at companies of all sizes. 

The Useletter

Blogger Amy Lynn Andrews is the marketer behind The Useletter, which, as its name suggests, is packed with super useful tips for bloggers, marketers, and freelancers. Each week, the newsletter features 7 to 10 tips and tools (many of which are free!) in a clean and straightforward format. Amy frequently shares her own video tutorials for using marketing tools, and curates a helpful list of free online courses and other resources to help content creators level up their skills.

Published on: Sep 23, 2019
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