It's a great time to be in marketing--and not just because of all the new platforms and social media channels to add to our marketing toolkits.

A just-released survey from the American Marketing Association revealed that marketing salaries are up across the board from 2016 to the end of 2017. Compared to the 3 percent baseline, marketing salaries went up an average of 19 percent.

Notably, content strategists' salaries are up a whopping 40 percent and social media managers' salaries are up 20 percent.

In another survey from Digital Marketing Career and Leadership Coach Hafiz Muhammad Ali, conversion rate optimization proved to generate the highest marketing salaries followed by content marketing and SEO. According to the research, the majority of marketers (25.9 percent) who earn $100,000 and above specialize in Conversion Rate Optimization. Content Marketing comes second with 18.5%, and SEO comes third with 16.6%.

That survey also shows that experience pays--literally. Around 46.6 percent of the marketers surveyed who make over $150,000 a year have 11-15 years experience, and over 93 percent have a bachelor's degree or beyond as their highest level of education. Interestingly, most of those $150K+ earners aren't reporting their incomes from VP or C-Suite positions: 63.3 percent of these earners are self-employed.

While it's unlikely that your personal content marketing salary went up 40 percent in a year (although if it did, please leave a comment with your salary negotiation tips!), but your market value is certainly on the rise.

Keep adding to your value by attending marketing conferences to stay up to date on the latest marketing trends, and always refreshing your network.  If your salary still stays mostly flat, it might be time to start perusing LinkedIn for other opportunities or strike out on your own.