While pulling all-nighters during the week is not the greatest habit to build, a new study shows that you can actually make up for it over the weekend.

The study followed over 43,000 subjects for 13 years, and found that people who slept less than the recommended seven hours per night on weekdays, but caught more ZZZs on weekends lived just as long as people who sleep seven hours every night of the week. Conversely, people who got fewer than five hours per night on weekends had 52 percent higher risk of death than those who got an averaged between 6 to 7.

Beyond a longer life, there are plenty of sleep benefits in business--and certain sleep-positive companies have gotten the memo.

Understanding that sleep makes people more productive workers and leads to less on-the-job injuries, top companies are encouraging power naps in the workplace. Companies including Google, Uber, Ben & Jerry's, and even accounting firm PwC are building naps into the company culture--some even going as far as to designate sleep areas or secure napping pods to make napping a reality. Sure beats the co-working space nightmare of taking a shoes-optional snooze in the middle of a common space!

If your company doesn't happen to have napping pods installed, you may have to settle for some quick zzzs in your office or car during a lunch break to refresh your energy mid-day.

To set yourself up for better sleep at night, avoid social media--and screen time in general--in the hour before going to bed.

Sweet dreams!

Published on: Jun 14, 2018
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