It's an exciting time to work in content marketing, and the possibilities for making an impact in the space seem endless.

Not only have more and more brands made content an essential part of their marketing strategy (and nearly 50 percent of their budget!) but more and more roles are opening for exceptional creative and strategic talent. For those interested in moving away from other related professions, such as PR, traditional journalism and copywriting, the newly created positions and ever-increasing salaries in content can be a real incentive.

As the founder of a content marketing company, what I find so inspiring about these jobs aren't the powerful brand names or the perks that the companies offer--but rather, the incredible opportunities to they present do something meaningful, creative and industry-shaping every day at work.

Ready freshen up your resume and flex your skillset? Here are four ways that you could make a big career change--and a major impact through content. 

The Opportunity: Transform an Established Brand's Strategy

Are you passionate about travel? A coveted role with the content marketing team at Marriott International provides an ideal opportunity to share amazing stories with a global audience.

Earlier this year I spoke with Scott Weisenthal, Marriott International's Vice President of Creative and Content Marketing, about his team's work. He revealed that storytelling is a core part of the company's content marketing strategy.

Creative and personalized content helps to strengthen Marriott's relationship with guests. "You have to have that connection with them to turn guests into brand advocates," Weisenthal said. For example, Marriott's documentary series StoryBooked follows artists around the world as they look for inspiration, and also highlights Marriott's robust loyalty programs.

The Opportunity: Build a Content Strategy from the Ground Up

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are flourishing, and with more than 400 of them across nearly every consumer category, it's a smart time to lead an up-and-coming DTC brand's content marketing efforts.

For companies offering a new spin on everything from electric toothbrushes to razors to vitamins, there are endless opportunities to establish relationships with customers, and add value to their experience, by providing them truly useful and relevant content. 

Because many of these companies are growing rapidly and offer plenty of creative flexibility, they're able to lure away top talent from traditional publications to run their content divisions. One notable example: Betty Wong, one-time editor in chief of Fitness magazine and Runner's World recently took the top content spot at the oral care brand Quip

The Opportunity: Bring a Trendy Brand's Message to New Audiences  

Passionate about fitness? If you've ever been to a SoulCycle class, you know that the brand is a phenomenon in the industry. Now, it's building a world-class media business to help maintain its momentum and the hyper-engaged community of riders who regularly interact with SoulCycle's content on social media.

The media team is creating content across social, video, and even live experiences, like concerts. And with top marketing and content leadership from Mashable, Glamour, and Vox, the brand is investing in content marketing initiatives in a big way.

But SoulCycle isn't the only fitness brand focusing on content marketing. Peloton, a company known for its at-home workout offering and subscriptions for live classes, hired a Chief Content Officer who's tasked with setting the strategy for all content marketing across the organization. By giving content marketing a dedicated voice in the C-Suite, Peloton is leading the way for other fitness brands to devote more resources to content and audience engagement across multiple platforms.

The Opportunity: Fuel a Mission-Driven Brand's Story

If you love the great outdoors and want to think outside the box when it comes to content marketing, look no further than a role on the marketing team at REI. The popular outdoor gear brand is leading its category with creative content marketing.

Take the company's #OptOutside campaign, for example. As part of the award-winning campaign, REI closed its stores on Black Friday and encouraged customers to spend time enjoying outdoor activities with loved ones. (REI's Director of Content and Media was even named the 2017 Content Marketer of the Year by the Content Marketing Institute for his work on the campaign!)

REI also creates creative content across video, short films, and even podcasts to connect with customers in new ways. Through their work, marketers at the company have a chance to promote messaging around sustainability, activism, and wellness.