Storytelling is crucial to a brand's success, and some of the best storytellers out there are Instagram influencers.

At Masthead Media, we've found that working with influencers (especially micro-influencers) can help our clients reach targeted, highly engaged audiences. But no matter the size of an influencer's following, their unique visual branding is what helps them stand out and tell their story most effectively.

One of the most effective ways for influencers to connect with their audience is Instagram Stories. The tool, which now has double the audience of Snapchat, comes equipped with a robust set of features, like filters, clickable and shoppable product tags, and engagement tools like polls and questions.

My work with influencers has shown me how important it is for them to stand out and showcase their unique brand. They think outside the box when it comes to creating memorable stories and interactions on Instagram, and to help them make it happen, they're embracing Unfold.

Not even two years old, Unfold is an Instagram Story template app that's already taking the influencer community by storm, and even counts major brands like Equinox and Topshop among its fans.

The unique, easy-to-use technology makes it a breeze for users to add modern design flair and an artistic touch to their stories and content. Users simply add their own photos and text to one of Unfold's templates before publishing it to their story.

Think about it: if you've ever come across a particularly polished story on Instagram and wondered, "how'd they do that?", it's likely that the creator used Unfold. And since the tool has 11 million users and 100,000 app downloads per day, you'll be seeing a lot more well-designed stories on your feed.

The Unfold team knows they're onto something big. They recently rolled out Unfold for Brands, a design agency to help companies develop customized story templates and features. They're staying laser-focused on Instagram Stories for now, but I'm curious to see if they choose to expand their services later on, especially since Instagram introduces new features pretty regularly.

At its core, Unfold is making professionally designed templates available, for little or no cost, to Instagram users. My advice: start experimenting with the tool now to boost your (or your brand's) profile and placement in the IG stories queue. As we've seen in the past, the best "free" social tools don't stay that way for long.