Entrepreneurs and freelancers focused on building their businesses frequently find themselves working in a bubble. This laser focus and determination creates a vacuum that helps them build their business, but it also seals them off from outside input and ideas. Coworking spaces help pierce this bubble and inject fresh ideas and creative input into the business.

Here are four ways coworking can jumpstart your early stage business:

1. Coworking Is a Hive of Creativity

Quite often, business owners have brilliant ideas but need a little extra help bringing these ideas to life. Coworking helps entrepreneurs gain a new perspective and broaden their field of vision. By having coworkers available to bounce ideas off of, provide advice, share experiences or just be a shoulder to cry on, entrepreneurs can reap enormous rewards. Through their valuable insights, creative solutions and a fresh set of eyes onto problems your team may be struggling with, coworkers can make the difference between your company recognizing average sales or celebrating a banner year.

2. Coworking Creates Motivation

When you cowork, you are surrounded by dedicated entrepreneurs and other small businesses striving for success. This can be a powerful source of inspiration and motivation for any startup. For most entrepreneurs, the words "day off" is as mythical and magical as a unicorn sighting. While every entrepreneur needs to catch their breath from time to time, in a coworking environment, your neighbors can provide significant support and empathy for those days when you need an extra boost of motivation or another perspective.

3. Coworking Is Collaboration

No one is an expert in every field or aspect of running a business. In a coworking environment, you can draw on the expertise of others and share your expertise in return. This type of collaboration gives coworking enterprises an advantage over those that choose to go it alone.

According to a 2017 survey conducted by coworking magazine, Deskmag, businesses who work in a team are more creative, productive and confident. Seventy-one percent of those questioned reported that they were more creative thanks to coworking.

4. Coworking Is Community

Coworking spaces are more than just hip coffee bars where you have access to Wi-Fi and full office amenities to get your work done. They are communities where you can gather with other entrepreneurs and business coaches to polish up old ideas and to incorporate fresh ones into your operations.

With an estimated one million people working in coworking spaces by the end of 2018, there is clear evidence of the value of working in close proximity with others who share the same business goals and professional values. This creates a close, tight-knit community that provides the guidance and support that entrepreneurship thrives within. These new relationships help formulate new networks of customers, vendors, and investor capital.

Published on: Aug 20, 2018