The classic stereotype of an entrepreneur is one who is always running, pushing the envelope and taking risks. This is the "sex appeal" of entrepreneurship that many dream about and aspire to. Yet it's important to know that at every stage of their journey, entrepreneurs have quiet fears or dilemmas that are holding them back.

Some common dilemmas include:

· You're just not sure what to do next. You would like to keep moving forward but you're stuck because you're not sure what the next best move is.

· You're so busy in your daily grind and routine that you don't have time to think about your next move. You're working in your business instead of on your business.

· Growing requires an investment. You're not sure if you have the stomach to take on more debt or put in the cash that is required to grow to the next level.

· There is tension between you and your partners about how to grow. You might be the "grower" and they are more conservative.

· You're "happy with your lot". Things are going well, and you simply want to enjoy them.

What is your dilemma? Being aware of it might help you overcome it.