As I pen this column, I am getting ready for the Monday morning alarm clock to ring, after a long and restful four-day weekend.

I suspect that many people are dreading the week to begin. What could be more wonderful then for the lazy days with family and friends to continue, and the shopping and eating frenzy. Who wants to go back to the monotony and stress of the work week?

I am not sure what makes me different, and I think it's an entrepreneurial trait, but I must admit I can't wait for the grind to begin. I feel safe in the grind, and the rhythm of it. If we like to admit it or not, entrepreneurship can be addictive, like a drug. And stepping away from it for a few days can be hard. But it's also important.

During the first few years of my entrepreneurial journey, I would literally work seven days a week and often fall asleep with my laptop on my chest.

With time and some maturing, I learned that if I took off one day on the weekend to sleep I would be more productive for the other six days.

Life gets in a rhythm. Work hard for five days. Sleep it off on day six. And clean up the inbox on day seven.

And then Thanksgiving comes, and suddenly the world stops for four days. You can try work and communicate but likely no one will respond. You are almost forced to stop. Enjoy your family. Eat some turkey and take a rest.

It' a very healthy thing to do, but if you're riding the entrepreneurial treadmill, it's really hard to get off it. At some point your mind begins to wander. You are out of your rhythm. You can even begin to doubt yourself.

This year I worked hard to embrace the change in rhythm, instead of fight it. It was hard, but helpful. I enjoyed my time with my family.

Before we know it, the winter holidays will hit, and the world will slow down again. Will you be able to get off your treadmill? I hope so.