While there are still 2 months left of 2017, now is the time most marketers start planning ways to boost business in the new year. This usually comes with a focus on new initiatives, a review of current content trends worth exploring, and abundant keyword research. In other words, as marketers we often focus on growing business by growing new content, but this can easily distract from making improvements to our current channels.  

Conversion rate optimization can sometimes feel unnatural for busy marketers because it requires us to pause and improve what currently exists rather than race towards the always moving finish line of new content development. But if even a few simple tweaks  boost your conversion rate by a full percentage point, how much revenue would that drive? And what if there were multiple ways to grow that conversion even further? Here are 3 proven tactics to boost your conversion rates by leaps and bounds:

Ditch Stock Imagery

For years, on-site hero images from quality stock photo providers were the best tool for improving lead funnels. When running A/B testing, companies will often test stock images as the primary variable before tweaking messaging and calls to action. But a study from PWC suggests that this no longer works. In fact, the study showed that custom designed images convert 7 times better than stock imagery!

Over the years, technological advancements have ensured that consumers can be catered to in almost all facets of their lives. This has made us pickier and more accustomed to original, quality products. We want authenticity, and stock imagery deters from this. By giving your audience what they want, you will earn their trust faster and improve your lead flow.

Lead With Video

Today's audiences are quick to admit that they don't have time to read your pitch, but according to a recent study from Animoto, 4 out of 5 people will eagerly watch a video about it. But like stock imagery, the video must be custom. In fact, videos that are cheaply produced or rely on stock assets are known to hurt conversion rates rather than help them. This is because they communicate a lack of commitment to quality or worse: a belief that the audience isn't smart enough to notice.

So rather than choose the cheap solution that could hurt your conversions, consider the return on investment that would come from leading with something custom instead. According to EyeView, a high-quality motion graphic has the power to increase your conversion rates by 80 percent!

Videos that drive the best conversion improvements include custom, animated videos and live-action videos with animation overlays. These videos are often less than 90-seconds in length, include a professional voiceover, and entirely unique illustration. Videos that tend to hinder conversions include talking head live-action clips, whiteboard animations, and animations using stock vector assets.

Drive Your Point Home With Infographics

Infographics don't just entail long-scroll images that act as link bait. They also come in the form of bite-sized content placed throughout your website to drive engagement and increase the understanding of your product or service.

Does your company have great statistics to share? Consider choosing the top 4 and placing them on your homepage as a mini infographic. Or maybe you have a complex process to explain. Rather than using paragraphs of text to drive your point home, a process illustration can visualize your message and improve comprehension.

Today's consumers avoid reading assignments and large walls of text. But eye tracking studies from the Nielson Norman Group show that they will spend the bulk of their time looking at information-carrying images on your site. To reduce bounce rates and drive people through your conversion funnel, time on-site is important. If you can lock a user in for 10-seconds, the likelihood of them staying on your site increases exponentially. By separating your on-site content with mini infographics and visual narratives, viewers will not feel as overwhelmed, increasing their engagement and growing your conversion rate.

Before you invest time building your content calendar for 2018, consider auditing your current conversion funnels to see what opportunities lay before you!