Video Transcript

00:11 Amy Chowdhry: So when we are working with companies who are starting to develop a website for the first time, there is a host of questions they have for us. And the first thing we really wanna do is spend time with them to make sure that they think about designing the site around, not how the company has organized, but around the key tasks and things that their customers are going to come to the site to do. All too often companies will design a site around the company's key business functions, rather than around what people are coming to the site to learn about and to do on the site. So that would be the first thing I think people really should focus on.

00:49 Chowdhry: The second thing they should focus on is making sure that just front and center on the site, that you're extremely clear about what it is you offer and what you can do for your customers. So often companies will use marketing or jargon that their end customers might not understand. So you want to be crystal clear right off the bat about what you do.

01:08 Chowdhry: And then, lastly, I would say it's really critical that your labels, the names on all of your navigation, the words that you use are also things that are in customer-speak and not in internal company-speak.