If you're in the job market or the market for clients, you might be encouraged that your LinkedIn profile is getting a of views. But what if you aren't getting any calls and emails from recruiters, prospective bosses and potential clients?

Here are three ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile to maximize interest from those who want to hire you or do business with you. 

1. Be straightforward.

Here's something I never otherwise say: Sometimes the best way to stand out is to conform. In this case, I'm talking about your LinkedIn headline. Keep it simple, straightforward -- like Vice President of Finance, Senior Project Manager, Communications Consultant. Recruiters and others search for candidates by job title and corporate hierarchy.

"I increasingly see people changing their headlines to something broad and general - like 'communications expert' or 'strategic wizard,'" says Wendy Zang, Executive Search Consultant at Helbling & Associates, Inc. in Pittsburgh. "While I understand that has a lot of panache, recruiters looks at hundreds of profiles a day and often find people by searching on titles."

2. Be prolific.

If you want to get noticed on LinkedIn, you have to be on LinkedIn.

Post status updates and articles about your company, industry or area of expertise. Comment on or "like" the updates and articles that those in your network post. Write and share your own articles. Join LinkedIn groups and join in on those conversations. Endorse connections for their skills.

Make it a point to check LinkedIn and do something on the platform at least a few times a week. To make sure you do it, set a calendar reminder.

3. Be open.

If you want your LinkedIn to teem with possibilities, you have to be open to them and show that you are up for connecting as well as talking about and taking on new opportunities.

So first up, go to your privacy settings, specifically the section on job seeking preferences. Click the button that tells recruiters you're "open to opportunities." There is also an option to signal interest to recruiters at companies for which you've created job alerts, so you might consider that, too.

Next, check your in box. It seems fairly obviously, but I've seen plenty of them overflowing with unread messages. If you don't tend to your messages, you never know who wants to connect over coffee (and can possibly help you professionally), talk about a job, refer you to a potential client and more.

Bonus tip: Not everyone messages through LinkedIn, so make sure your contact information is up to date so recruiters and others can get in touch.