If getting in the news is an important part of your public relations goals and company strategy, you should know it's doable -- provided two things. You either need to have news to pitch to reporters or be ready to inject yourself into news stories.

Neither is a guarantee. But these are the only two ways to get the good press you want. (Bad press is a different story, and I'm not a believer in the notion that any PR is good PR, even bad PR.) It's about being newsworthy and storytelling, and here's a further look at the two ways you -- or your PR partners -- do it.

Be the News

Recognize when you have news that will interest reporters (and ultimately their audience) and make a plan to share that news with them. As you and your company do new and exciting things -- launch new products, hire awesome people, win awards, solve problems, make your community a better place -- you have to toot your own horn and tell people. You have to let reporters who cover your industry and who should be writing about your company know all about it.

Think press releases and social media posts. Think about inviting reporters from your local newspaper or business journal to your next community service event or to your office for coffee or out to lunch to chat. When you meet a reporter, find out what you can about what the reporter covers and the kind of stories that get their attention.

When you talk with reporters and pitch them your story idea or tell them why they should write about your company, you should first know what makes a good story. Newsworthiness is when something is new or different or urgent or the first or the last. Newsworthiness relies greatly on people -- not topics -- so look at your own people and what they are doing to make your company the best it can be.

Reporters are always looking for good stories and smart people to write about.

Be the News Source

Getting a reporter to write about your company news or feature your business in an exclusive profile is wonderful and a huge coup. Kudos to you when it happens. But it's not the only way to land some good press. The other is to pay attention to news stories and look for opportunities to be included in them as an expert source. 

For example, if you're a real estate developer and you have an opinion about or knowledge of local real estate developments and deals, email the local real estate reporter. And when reporters call on you for an interview, for a quote or to hear your perspective, be ready and willing to hop on the phone ASAP. Reporters need to hear from you before their deadline, not when you are less busy in a day or two or the following week. 

Reporters are always looking for smart sources.

Final thought: Truthfully, there is one other thing you need in order to get the good press you're craving. Patience. It takes time to identify what's newsworthy, to get good at communicating it, and to build relationships with reporters who will be interested in you. Don't give up on your PR goals if they don't yield a front page story in a matter of months. Keep making news and keep your eye on the news, too.