What can I do to get people -- recruiters, hiring managers, board members -- to notice me on LinkedIn?

I get asked this a lot, because I often write columns about how to leverage this professional network. Plus, a fair amount of my public relations business involves providing LinkedIn makeovers.

The answer is simple. As with anything, you get out of it what you put in. If you never log in to LinkedIn, it's like you're not even there. You're just one of half a billion names. But you can resolve to be better -- right now at the start of the year or anytime you are looking to boost your career or your business.

Here are eight easy daily activities you could and should start doing asap. Think of them as your 2019 LinkedIn resolutions.

1. Check your messages.

I can't tell you how many times I sign into a client's account to see they haven't checked their messages in months ... or ever. You know what people notice? People who reply to messages. 

2. Read your news feed.

Take a few moments to scroll through your news feed. How else will you know what your connections are up to and know when to reach out and what to say? More on that in the next three tips. 

3. Like someone's share.

See a connection publish an article they wrote or an interesting news story? Give that a thumb's up. This is your professional Facebook, after all.

4. Share something yourself.

Share someone else's post or a news story about your industry or profession. Add some commentary about what you learned or why you think others will appreciate it, too.

5. Congratulate people.

Respond to notifications of new jobs and promotions with congratulatory messages. You can send the generic one that LinkedIn suggests or collect some bonus points by taking a few extra seconds to write a custom message. 

6. Make coffee dates.

Don't remember how or why you are connected to some folks? Haven't seen others in a while? Send messages now and then suggesting you reconnect in person over coffee. It's about staying in touch in real life too.

7. Endorse someone for their skills.

It takes just a few clicks to endorse a connection for skills ranging from leadership to blogging, marketing and more. It's especially great to return the favor when connections endorse you. It always makes my day when someone endorses me out of the blue. Make someone else's day.

8. Mark your calendar.

Want to make sure you remember to do this? Put it on your calendar. You know if it's on your calendar -- every other day or (ideally) every day -- it's going to get done.