One in four people experience a mental illness or neurological condition at some point in their lives, according to the World Health Organization. Mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and other mental health problems have become the leading cause of ill-health and disability.

Unfortunately, many people don’t recognize symptoms of mental illness. And those who do suspect problems are often reluctant to seek treatment. The stigma attached to mental illness, as well as a lack of time or money, cause many people to suffer in silence.

But Jeff Perron, the Founder of TruReach Health, is trying to break down the barriers that prevent people from getting the help they need. Perron, a PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology with an MBA and a background in Human Resources, has made it his mission to “connect people and organizations to evidence-based mental wellness support.”

The TruReach App

Perron created the TruReach app-which officially launched today. Perron notes that while some have referred to it as a “therapist in your pocket,” it isn’t a replacement for therapy. It's a self-help app aimed at those dealing with mild-to-moderate depression or anxiety. Perron gave me early access to his app so I could test it for myself. As a psychotherapist, I was impressed with this tool and I think it could help a lot of people. Here’s how TruReach works:

  • Guided lessons teach some of the same skills that are taught in talk therapy. Every part of TruReach comes from scientifically proven cognitive behavioral therapy, which has over 40 years of research behind it. For some, this means that it could be a good "first line of defense" for addressing depression, anxiety, or stress.
  • Animated instructions teach skills one quick lesson at a time. All TruReach lessons are about five minutes long. Because they’re on your phone, you can learn skills that help you feel better almost anywhere, and at any time.
  • An electronic thought journal helps users apply the lessons. The thought journal is a mainstay in cognitive behavior therapy because it helps people analyze their thoughts. Because TruReach has a digital thought journal built in, you can journal within the app in a way that has been shown to counteract negative thoughts.

Benefits of Using TruReach

Whether you’re an individual who is feeling stuck, or you’re a business who wants to promote wellness amongst your staff, here are a few benefits of using the TruReach app:

  • It’s affordable. TruReach is free to download and most of the content is completely free. The last six advanced lessons can be unlocked for just $7.99.
  • It’s accessible. Even if cost isn’t an issue for you, it can be hard to find time to schedule therapy appointments, not to mention that top therapists often have long wait lists. With TruReach, you can gain access to helpful material in a matter of minutes.
  • It can help you today. Users don’t need to have a mental health problem to benefit from using TruReach. The app promotes wellness and could help some users address existing mental health problems.
Published on: Sep 9, 2015
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