I receive several emails every week asking, "How can I become a TEDx speaker?" It's a great question.

Speaking at a TEDx event could literally change the course of your life--my 15 minutes on the TEDx stage has definitely impacted my career.

My talk,The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong, has been viewed more than 5 million times in just over a year.

It's led to invitations to speak at events around the globe. It's also helped me sell my books on mental strength--as well as my Mental Strength eCourse.

I've been invited to be a spokesperson for several brands and it even landed me an opportunity to appear in a TV show. It's been almost two years since I gave my talk but it still receives about 10,000 views on per day.

I've learned first-hand, a TEDx could be very helpful to your career. If you think you'd like to become a TEDx speaker, these strategies can help you land a spot on the TEDx stage:

Watch TEDx Talks

The best way to get ready to give a talk is to watch other TEDx talks. Pay attention to what other speakers do. That's not to say you should try to copy anyone else's style--nor their speech--but watching other talks can give you a good feel for what might work for your talk.

For example, do you like talks that use slides? Do you notice certain things some speakers do that makes them stand out?  You can learn a lot by watching other people.

Get Your Big Message Ready

You only have 18 minutes to give the speech of your life. While that may feel sound like an eternity to be standing on a stage by yourself, the time goes by fast.

Squeezing a big message into a short amount of time requires you to be concise. What stories can you tell to drive home your points? What data is critical to share? How many details should you give away?

You don't need to have your entire speech written before you apply for a TEDx event, but you do need a good idea about what you're going to say and how you're going to say it. Once you've got that figured out, you're ready to complete an application.

Research Future TEDx Events

Some TEDx events put out an open call for speakers. By the time you hear a TEDx event is coming to your city, however, the speakers have probably already been chosen.  You will likely have to apply many months in advance of the actual event.

If there are any specific TEDx events where you'd like to speak, keep your eye on their website or social media pages. They may announce when they're accepting applications for their next event.

Check out the TED website to find future events as well. Or, type something like, "2018 TEDx event speaker application" into a search engine. You may find TEDx events that are accepting speaker applications.

Some events have specific themes. Others are only open to locals or people with specific ties to the area. So spend some time researching the event before you complete the application.

Complete an Application

TEDx event organizers create their own application process. So one application may require you to submit a video while another application may ask you to explain why you want to speak at that particular event.

The organizers will want to know a little bit about who you are and what your big message will be. So be ready to explain it on the application in a concise manner. If you can't explain it, you're not ready to apply.

I've heard from some people who had to audition for the event too (that wasn't my experience) but it's possible they may want to hear your talk or speak to you over the phone.

Keep in mind that there's a good chance organizers will receive hundreds--if not thousands--of applications. So don't get discouraged if you don't get picked the first time you apply.

Get Discovered by Organizers

There's also a chance you might attract the attention of an event organizer who invites you to give a talk. That's what happened to me--an event organizer invited me to give my talk after she heard me talking about my book in an interview with Success Magazine.

So if you're serious about becoming a future TEDx speaker, build a blog, create a website, and get active on social media. Start talking about your big message.

Don't worry about keeping your message a secret. Instead, look at it as an opportunity to begin testing out your ideas on an audience. You'll discover what stories, facts, and insights resonate with people most.

If your ideas gain traction, you might attract media attention--and perhaps even a TEDx organizer who can't wait to give you a chance to share your ideas on the stage.