Flipboard has long been a resource to many businesses, used to curate content, build brochures, and showcase press coverage.

The powers that be at the company have noticed, and this morning launched a community and bevy of resources to help marketers, businesses, public relations folks, and others share best practices and figure out how to best use the platform.

Co-founder Marci McCue told me earlier this week that there were four key components to the program, called Flipboard for Marketers:

1) A homepage for the community: Flipboard.com/@flipmarketer

This is Flipboard's collection of key magazines, created by users of the platform. One magazine presents the best examples of magazines focused on content marketing. Another showcases magazines used to display company news and events. A third hosts terrific examples of company brochures and portfolios. A fourth shows how PR firms and companies are pulling together media coverage. The last magazine, "Marketer's Lounge," shows off magazines curated by community members on various topics related to marketing, such as SEO, brand marketing, and more.

2) The hashtag #FlipMarketer

By using the hashtag, marketers, communicators, and others will be able to easily find one another to share ideas and tips.

3) A refreshed and renamed Flipboard for business blog

Previously the Brands Blog, Business Blog will be a place Flipboard showcases the stories of marketers and brands using the platform. It will provide how-tos and ideas for collaborative use.

"If you're new to Flipboard," McCue said, "it does take a little bit of thinking."

4) A monthly newsletter

This will be a roundup of the best new resources and tips from the month.

"The whole purpose here is to allow marketers to learn from each other, and advance how they learn technology," McCue told me.

This isn't the first resource community Flipboard has built for its users. #FlipEDU, for educators, students, and parents, presents best-use cases for Flipboard in classrooms and for sharing information and resources on learning and innovation in education.

The magazines featured in today's Flipboard for Marketers launch range from Jim Stengel's guide to the Cannes Lions to Ben & Jerry's view of its corporate culture. Flipboard staff found the magazines through brands they already had relationships with, keyword searches on the platform, and the unaffiliated Flipboard Club community, McCue said. (Disclosure: I am a sometime administrator of that community's Facebook group.)

Mark Traphagen, senior director of online marketing for Boston-based Stone Temple Consulting, curates a magazine on SEO best practices and is among those featured in today's launch.

"I commit time every day to reading and gathering the most useful content and news from my industry," he told me via email this morning. "I've found Flipboard to be both the easiest platform for curation as well as the best way for others to consume it. Whenever I show my mags to others, I always create new Flipboard users and fans."

Scott Monty, the former social media voice of Ford and an internationally known marketer and speaker, said he uses Flipboard as his "go-to" bookmarking resource. His "This Week in Digital" is among the magazines Flipboard has included in today's launch.

"Curation is an important part of thought leadership," he told me via email. "If I can provide links to sites and sources that have a wide variety of news about the industry, my readers and followers get value from having a single source of aggregated content."

The visual nature of Flipboard makes it the best option for his weekly newsletter, Monty said. "After throwing links in all week, I go in and rearrange them as part of the editing process, to make for a sensible flow of stories for me and my followers."

He happily embraced the launch of FlipMarketer.

"Having a business community sponsored by Flipboard will make finding curated content even easier for me," Monty said.