As it turns out, you can tell a lot about a person by which smartphone they own. Or so says a new study designed to help better understand smartphone user demographics.

Among other revelations, those who are religious, ride public transportation and eat at McDonald's are more likely to own Android devices, according to the research conducted by venture capital firm, Battery Ventures. By contrast, people who own iPhones are more likely to have flown in an airplane in the last year and have investments in the stock market.

"You would think iPhone users are all pinot-drinking yoga enthusiasts,"Jonathan Sills, the author of the research, told Re/Code. The statement is half true at least: The study revealed that iPhone owners as a whole prefer wine, while people who own Android phones are more likely to drink beer.

Android users are also more likely to identify as religious and smoke tobacco products.

There are a few things users of both types of smartphone have in common: Each are equally as likely to buy a gun, own a house and watch Fox News.

However, Sills notes that most of these differences go away with the user base is adjusted for income, suggesting that the preferences have little to do with the phones themselves. But for an airline or brewery trying to decide how to allocate its mobile ad budget, the user base demographics are worth keeping in mind.

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