Spring break is over and school is back in session. So pick up some new business tips and strategies this month from one of these four new releases:  

  • What It's About: The Hard Thing About Hard Things is Silicon Valley entrepreneur Ben Horowitz's straight-talk guide to building a business, interweaving insights and blunt advice about running a startup with personal anecdotes and rap lyrics.
  • What You Can Learn From It: Horowitz analyzes the common challenges that confront business leaders and offers up solutions based on his own experience. The book deals with difficult issues, ranging from the right way to fire people to when it's OK to poach from a friend's company.
  • What It's About: In The Up Side of Down, Megan McArdle argues how failure can actually be a good thing, drawing on her personal career and relationship failures in addition to evidence from psychology, business, economics, and medicine.
  • What You Can Learn From It: McArdle gives examples of how defeat has been handled positively by herself and others, teaching readers how to embrace their own failures and use them as a jumping-off point for future success.
  • What It's About: The Good Jobs Strategy is a blueprint for creating jobs in which Zeynep Ton argues that high investment in employees lowers costs, boosts profits, and increases customer satisfaction.
  • What You Can Learn From It: Building on the examples offered by companies such as Costco, Merca­dona, Trader Joe’s, and QuikTrip, Zeynep explains how to create a jobs strategy that benefits employees and customers as well as the company itself.

By Phil Simon

  • What It's About: In The Visual Organization, Phil Simon discusses the opportunities for business provided by new data-gathering techniques, explaining how organizations can fully capitalize on Big Data.
  • What You Can Learn From It: Breaking data visualization down into four levels, Simon provides a step-by-step guide for how companies can become more data-driven.