Phone, wallet, keys. Check. Stikey hopes you'll add its keys-phone-stand-cable-tidy to this list. 

While not necessarily essential, the product aims to be useful--proving that design is just as necessary as utility. "We did not want to design a versatile product that is easily left behind or forgotten in a drawer," says Ilias Kalogeropoulos, 30, the product designer and inventor. "So Stikey attaches to the user's keychain and is always available when he needs it."

Stikey not only attaches to your keys and converts to a smartphone stand, you can organize your cables with it too. It also comes in six different colors and suits most phones (and cases) as long as they have flat backs. Dcubed, the Athens and Brighton, UK-based product design studio behind Stikey, has nearly met its funding goal of $17,864. Its current Kickstarter campaign has 19 days left. 

Its biggest selling point is convenience, says Kalogeropoulos. When you need to Skype with your mother during your lunch break, for instance, you can use Stikey to prop up your phone--allowing you to be handsfree while you multitask--or eat that sandwich. It works in landscape and portrait format. 

In keeping with the design tenet that combines form and function, Sitkey's packaging is also part of the product. "We designed the packaging so that part of it can be used along with the product in order to reduce waste and aid functionality," says Kalogeropoulos. 

Once opened, the packaging base attaches to all flat surfaces, using a high tech-no residue-3M adhesive tape, and can be used as a magnetic mount on surfaces like a refrigerator and so on. 

Stikey is device independent. So, no matter how frequently a user updates his or her device Stikey will still be usable. You can also use it in your car or with your iPad. So perhaps you really won't forget to bring it with you.

Published on: May 12, 2015