In every industry, in every city, there is always one business that is better than the rest. They seem to be more successful financially, people talk about them, they attract the best staff and they look and act the part, all the time. In other words they are impressive and credible in every way. 

So how do you become this leading business in your industry and your city? How do you get that competitive advantage? I think there are 7 very simple strategies that will achieve this status for your business. 

First of all it takes a strong desire and commitment to be the best. Saying it is easy, doing it is tougher. From there I think there are 7 key strategies that when combined, will make your business the one that is way ahead of the pack. 

Strategy 1 - Become exceptional at communicating with your customers

The number one consumer complaint, across every industry, always relates to lousy communication in some shape or form. With so many ways to communicate it seems bizarre that the majority of businesses get it so wrong. As consumers we are continually forced to chase businesses and to deal with frustrating processes and systems for communicating. The bottom line is that any businesses that commits to communicate and then delivers accordingly, is already a million miles in front of most of their competitors. How hard is that? 

Strategy 2 - Always go above and beyond the call of duty

The easiest way to get people raving about your business is to exceed their expectations. This might sound simple, which it is, but ask yourself, how often are your expectations exceeded when you make a purchase? When was the last time you were blown away by a service or product that you purchased and how many people did you tell about your experience? 

Strategy 3 - Be absolutely, totally committed to your community

The leading businesses are always heavily committed to their community. They are great corporate citizens and they take this role on gladly. They give back to their community, they help those in need, they give back to their industry, they are ethical and honest and they make a difference - and they do all of this in a very sincere and heartfelt way. 

Strategy 4 - Be generous (mean businesses never become the go to business)

Great businesses are generous, they have a mentality which makes them gladly share their success with their staff, with their customers and with their community. They are not penny pinchers, they are not mean. Mean businesses live with a poverty mentality and from my experience, they don't last very long because they reek of desperation. When you go into a business with a generous attitude, the experience is noticeably better. The business feels successful and that in many ways makes it successful. 

Strategy 5 - Back yourself 100%

We all know the old saying, build it and they will come. From my experience sometimes they do and sometimes they don't, but those businesses that are brave enough to back themselves, by being different, by being visionary and by committing fully are the ones that tend to make it work. Be prepared to do what others are afraid to do, but of course do it in a smart way. 

Strategy 6 - Treat everyone with enormous and sincere respect

Respect is a very powerful word. We all want to be respected, we certainly expect it, at times though it is a rarity. We respect people by being considerate of their time, their decision to buy from us, by asking them for their opinion, by changing the things that they don't like about our business and by putting ourselves in their shoes. 

Strategy 7 - Invest in become a better version of yourself

You don't become the best by accident. It takes a very solid commitment or time, money and resources. It is this investment that sets these leading businesses apart. They invest in their own personal and professional development. They invest in their technology and facilities. They commit time to implementing strategies like the ones I have mentioned here. 

If you are serious about being that one business that stands out from the pack, these are the strategies that will help you get there. While I have only touched on each one briefly, hopefully it is enough to get your fired up and enthused and ready to give your business that competitive advantage that changes everything.